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Well, from experience I have noticed that stress can cause my period to be irregular. I'm not married however, I am ingaged. Also, when I noticed that my period was way off course I consulted my doctor and he said that it wasn't too much to worry about. He said that stress can be a true factor for that irregular period.

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Q: What may be the cause for an irregular period after marriage?
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What is the cause of your period starting too early?

Things such as stress or illness can cause your period to become temporarily irregular. But if this happens often, you may have an irregular menstrual cycle and may need to see a 'GYN to get it more regulated.

Can chlamydia cause an irregular period?

While chlamydia does not affect ovulation and menstruation, chlamydia can cause irregular bleeding or bleeding after intercourse. This bleeding may be mistaken for a period when it's actually bleeding from the cervix.

Can irregular sleep patterns cause your period to be late?

Lots of things can cause your period to be late. Stress is one of them. Having irregular sleep patterns does cause a stress to your body, even if you don't feel stressed out. Try to regulate your sleep, but also look for other factors that may be the cause too.

Can an STD cause an early period?

An STD won't cause an early period, but may cause irregular bleeding that can be confused with a period. If you think you may be at risk for STDs, get tested.Not necessarly. Women are all different; some might have it early, some not. Just have an std analysis to make sure you are fine.

How long is your period irregular?

Your period may stay irregular until you are 18 to 20 years old when you will develop a regular cycle.

Can taking 5 birth control pills get rid of your period?

Taking five birth control pills may stop your period or may cause irregular bleeding. it may also cause nausea and headaches. Contact your health care provider or pharmacist for information specific to your pill.

What does it mean when you don't have a period?

it means that your period may be irregular if it doesn't come every month or that you may be pregnant.

You have irregular but you havent had it in months then get some spotting yet a pregnancy test was negative should you take another test if you still have not had your period but you show pregnancy si?

It may be your birth control if you are taking any they cause irregular periods.

When are you suposed to get your period while on the birth control pill?

It can make your period very irregular. You may not get one at all!

How many days are irregular menstrual period?

Irregular menstrual period means a period which is not a set number of days, it may be only a couple of days one cycle and then weeks the next. Irregular menstrual periods can also see irregular flow patterns so light then heavy one cycle, heavy all the way through the period of the next cycle.

What does it mean to miss your period by two weeks then get your period for a day?

This may mean that you period is irregular which you should go to your doctor and it may be a smart idea to take a pregnancy testy

Does hyperthyroidism have an effect on menstruation?

Yes, it does. Uncontrolled ie untreated hyperthyroidism may cause irregular periods of shorter duration than is normal for the woman in question. The irregular period is also associated with lower fertility. Hyperthyroidism will not cause painful periods if the woman used to have pain-free ones previously. And as soon as the medication is working, her period will start to go back to normal.

Do you have your period every month when you first start?

You may not have your period every month when you first start. This is because your periods will be irregular.

Can gonorrhea affect your period?

Some women may have irregular bleeding or spotting, or changes in flow. It won't make you miss your period.

You missed your period for 4.5 months now What is going on?

See your Doctor as you may have irregular periods.

Will the patch stop your period if you put it on a day after you have your period?

If you put the patch on at day one of your period, you may stop your period or may have irregular bleeding. Since you started on day one, you'll have immediate protection from pregnancy.

Causes implication of early marriage?

Early marriage may be cause by religious beliefs, personal choice, or unplanned pregnancy. The implications may be a short lived marriage.

Can gonorrhea cause bleeding?

Gonorrhea may cause irregular vaginal bleeding in women. If you believe you are at risk, you should get tested.

Why would you have a period for one day?

you could have a really heavy period the day before. your period may not appear until another 2 days sometimes especially if you have an irregular period.

Where is the cause of child marriage?

Local legislation. What may be considered child marriage in one jurisdiction may be perfectly legal and acceptable elsewhere.

What if your a irregular person and doesn't see a period from may and its now the ending of october?

See a health care provider for evaluation specific to your situation. Evaluation and treatment is often needed to lower the risk of diseases that may cause, or be caused by, this situation.

Why did your period start again after your period ended a week ago?

It didn't, you can't menstruate twice within a week. You are experiencing vaginal bleeding again, not menstruation, which may be a result of irregular hormones or some STD's can cause light bleeding. If concerned then see your doctor so they can run tests to determine the cause.

What is the waiting period for same-sex marriage in Rhode Island?

There is no statutory waiting period in Rhode Island. Once you obtain the marriage license, you may marry immediately.

Your period started early can you still be pregnant?

Your period can very well come whenever it pleases. If you have been stressed out, changed your diet, or are on the pill, this may cause you to become irregular. While you are pregnant, you may still have periods, but it's best to check with your Dr. to make sure things are normal for you and baby.

Can stopping birth control cause irregular periods?

Yes it is possible to experience an irregular menstral cycle when you discontinue taking birth control. This is because when you take birth control it actually regulates your period. By stopping birth control you may experience breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding is when you menstruate at times when you normally would not begin your menstral cycle. Breakthrough bleeding can possibly last for up to a full period or longer. Stopping birth control may also stop your period for a month or longer or you may not receive your period around the normal time of which you used to when you were taking your birth control.It depends sometimes you're period gets normal after birth control but sometimes it may still keep being irregular. It depends on the person and or pills