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You Wouldnt Like Get Along Or Have Anything In Common Apart From Being A Muslim

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What Islam says about having nonmuslim wife?

it is allowed for a Muslim guy yo marry nonmuslim girl..but it is forbidden for a Muslim girl to marry nonmuslim guy

Was Adolf Hitler Muslim or non Muslim?


Can shia girl marry non Muslim boy?

A Muslim woman cannot marry a nonmuslim man unless he converts before marriage. A Muslim man can marry an nonmuslim woman because the children will follow their fathers religion.:)

What should a Christian guy do when she marry a Muslim girl?

A nonmuslim man cannot marry a muslim woman

If a woman die in an accident how can you tell that she is a Muslim or nonmuslim?

You Just Show The Head And Dicuss With Some Ulamah Or Mufthi............. Your's Lovingly, Muhaib Shareef, please tell me if a woman die how can we find that she was Muslim or nonmuslim

What should you do if you love a Muslim?

Muslims are not allowed to date, even with muslims. If you are a muslim girl, you may not marry a non muslim man, but if you are a muslim man, u are permitted to marry a nonmuslim.

If a wom die how you can find that she was Muslim or nonMuslim?

The two main things are Hijab and sign of prayers on her forehead.

Which leader made the biggest attempt to combine Indian and Muslim traditions?


Why can a non Muslim enter a Muslim mosque?

A non Muslim can enter a mosque, but should remove his shoes

Can a Muslim student child eat chicken available in the school lunch in a non-muslim school in Europe?

No. Well if it is halal, your child can eat the chicken. But in nonmuslim schools it is haram.

Are Muslim allo to have non Muslim friend?

yes a muslim is allowed to have a nonmuslim friend. in the society today it is harder to have muslims friends because there are not many muslims where we live i asked this question to the imam at my local masjid and he said yes

Is shahrukh Khan Muslim or Indian?

what is the difference between a Musilm and an Indian lol..he is a Muslim and an Indian. Exactly. Being Muslim is his religious identity, and being Indian is his national identity. They can and do coexist.

Is shah rukh khan Muslim or Indian?

shahrukh khan is Muslim but his wife is Indian

What is the difference between the dead body of nonmuslim woman and muslim woman?

There is none. A dead body is a dead body. One's religious beliefs do not affect the appearance of a corpse.

Why do winx club girls show their stomach?

becouse they not muslim even musa and aisha even they have muslim names but it can be a nonmuslim names I no why they show they stomuch becouse they like showing there stomuch becouse they want boys to see they stomuch.

Can a Nepalese girl Marry an Indian boy?

Sure they can with the only exception if the girl is Muslim and the Indian boy is non Muslim or the Indian boy is Muslim and the girl is neither Muslim nor Jewish no Christian.

Are Indian and Muslim same religion?

Indian is a nationalty referring to India. Muslim is referring to the follower of the religion of Islam. So an Indian can be Muslim or non Muslim. The same way a Muslim can be Indian or any other nationality (e.g Korean, Egyptian, Russian, American, French, Chinese, ...)

Is sharu khan Muslim?

yes, he is a Muslim but he married an Indian and he does all the Indian movies so he is a bit Indian aswell.

Why an Indian Muslim can not be Prime minister in India?

There is nothing in the Indian constitution that states that an Indian Muslim cannot be prime minister.

When was Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress created?

Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress was created in 1977.

When was Indian Union Muslim League created?

Indian Union Muslim League was created in 1948.

Is Sidney Crosby a Muslim?

Yes he is the biggest muslim in the world

The biggest Muslim country?

The biggest population Muslim country is Indonesia (population is over 240 million Muslims)

Can a Indian Muslim man marry with Saudi girl?


Can an Indian girl marry a Nigerian boy?

Yes, they can if both are non Muslims. However, if the boy is Muslim he can marry the Indian girl only if she is Muslim, Christian, or Jewish. If the Indian girl is Muslim she can marry the boy only if he is Muslim.