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The air mix door is stuck in the heat position

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Q: What might be wrong if you cannot turn off heat coming into the car on a 1992 Honda Accord?
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Can 1995 Honda Accord parts fit a 1997 Honda Accord?

Some of the parts from a 1995 Honda Accord might fit into other models but they may not work was efficiently.

Are US Honda Accord and UK Honda Accord dash boards interchangeable?

Of course not! Some elements of it might be but US Accord is LHD and the UK is RHD same as in Japan by coincidence.

Where might one go to purchase a 1998 Honda Accord?

One can go to a used automotive dealership to purchase a 1998 Honda Accord. One can also buy a 1998 Honda Accord by participating in an auto auction locally or online.

In the Cog TV ads narrated by Garrison Keillor what car appears to build itself?

Might be Honda PCH ANSWER: Honda Accord

Your 1990 Honda accord won't start and you can push start it but can't start from the ignition switch?

might be something with starter/solenoid assembly or the crank wire circuit coming from the ignition switch.

Will 2015 Honda Civic Si rims fit my 2003 Honda Accord lx sedan?

It might be possible. Both cars have the same bolt pattern (5 x 114.3), and the Accord might be able to accommodate the larger wheels/tires that are on the Si.

How do you fix 92 Honda Accord?

Have you tried assessing the problem at all? It might make this question easier to answer.

Will a 2003 ford transmission fit in a 1997 Honda Accord?

It might fit in the trunk, but it will not bolt up to the engine.

Honda accord excode 420what is wrong?

Have you tested it for drug use? I think it might have been smoking pot or something.

What might be wrong with your 1990 Honda accord if it sputters when running and doesn't start up right away?

Needs a tune up?

Does a 1988 Honda Accord have struts or shocks?

Both shocks on the front, struts on the back depending on the make it might have it both ways!

When accelerating it stalls and it begins to knock louder as your driving why?

2001 Honda accord it might be the crankshaft sensor or the knock sensor you might have to check the spark plugs too

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