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I used to live in an apartment building that I noticed this comes from drain pipes connecting to each other, possibly not completely draining out, leaving used water in the drain pipes. I use to pour some bleach down the bathroom shower/tub drain....and the bathroom sink every couple of days before I left for work...fresh as a daisy when I got home!

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Q: What might cause a sewer smell in a shower stall?
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Can you pour bleach down your shower drain to get rid of the sewer gas smell?

Heck no as it is a very carcinogenic mixture

What would cause a sewage smell to come from your bathtub shower after it is used if there is a septic tank?

check or have a plumber check p trap in drain line under shower. if leaking [losing water] it wont stop sewer gas from coming up the drain. probably the most likely cause.

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no cause of the water

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What would cause a sewer smell from sinks and toilets when water is running?

Either you have a blockage present or your vents on your sewer lines have become blocked or you need to install more vents.

If you can smell sewer gas can it kill you?

Over time yes as it does cause some type of brain and liver cancers

How does sewer gas smell?


Where can the sewer gas smell come from if it does not come from the drain of the ower- level on-a-slab shower?

One of the biggest culprits I have found for sewer gas smell is the floor drain many floor drains are seldom if ever used and if unused long enough the water in the trap will evaporate allowing sewer gas to enter the dwelling. this also applies to any trap which is not used regularly.

How do you get rid of bad sewer smell?


What might cause back smoke from exshaust and bad smell 94 Ford Explorer?

what might cause black smoke from exhaust and a bad smell from a 94 ford explorer

How do you identify a sewer gas smell in basement bathroom?

Most likely a drain has dried out and there is no water in the trap to stop the gas from coming up. Sink, shower, or main floor drain.

What could be wrong if there is a strong sewer gas smell whenever any of the faucets or shower is running and the water pressure has decreased significantly?

Is there a floor drain or any other drain nearby that is not used often? Sometimes the p-trap in a drain will dry out and allow sewer gas to escape. The smell becomes more intense when hot water goes down the drain.

Think i smell sewer gas in my bathroom. whats this?

If you think you smell sewer gas in your bathroom, it could be that a sewage blockage is in your pipes, causing the sewage to back up in the lines.

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Can an unused dishwasher cause a sewer smell in the house?

yes. water caught in the drain line may contain food particulate which can decompose and cause gasses to escape back into the house.

What is the side effects Sewer smell leaking in the house?


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That mean your not washing down there are in good health you might need to go see a doctor if it continue to smell bad after a shower don't you think??

What would cause sewer gas smell in house when wind blows?

The vent terminal is allowing down drafts to enter thus one would have to install a return bend on this pipe to prevent the air from entering but it will allow sewer fumes to escape

What makes the water smell bad?

what makes water smell bad is the back up n the sewer hole what causes it to smell.

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