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The steering wheel locking pin is worn and needs to be replaced, it is under the turn signal mount

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โˆ™ 2007-07-13 13:47:11
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Q: What might cause the tilt wheel to slip out of its locked position and how can this problem be fixed on a 1971 Ford Mustang?
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89 Toyota Cressida key wont turn in the ignition past the locked position?

Checked to see if your steering wheel is locked. If not, then your problem is the tumblers. Replace the mechinical ignition switch. Cause- Having too many keys hanging with the ignition key.

What could cause the shift knob on a 1995 Ford Mustang to release from the park position even with the brake on?

Shift cable needs to be adjusted.

What could be wrong if a 1993 Corolla is locked in park and keeps blowing 15 amp fuses?

I had the same problem with my old 91 Carolla. Check the shift assist button in the front left of your shifter. I might be jammed or stuck which could be the cause of your locked up shifter. As for fuses, are you putting the right amped fuse in the right position?

Can the Oil Additive CD-2 for Oil burning cause your 2.3 liter Mustang engine to misfire?

No You Have Some Other Problem.

Will a 1994 mustang radiator fit a 2004 mustang?

no cause a 1994 may have a bigger engine

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Will a faulty throttle position sensor cause a problem when a transmission down shifts to first gear?

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Will a bad alternator cause the check engine light to come on?

yes it can. i had a 2004 ford mustang that kept reading that the camshaft position sensor was the cause. Changed the cps and still same code. changed alternator and the code cleared itself!

Can the fuel filter cause your explorer not to start?

I don't know about the Explorer but I had an experience with a Ford Mustang. I changed about everything I could think of related to the non-starting problem. Then I discovered there was a filter in the gas tank. Changed it and the problem disappeared!

What would cause a 1987 Mustang GT to just click when cranked you have replaced the Starter and Solenoid along with a new Battery The Solenoid also has a good ground?

Hi: Guess what I found once upon a time under this symptom ,,,,, (LOL),,,, it's kinda bent but it actually was the cause and that is,,, the airconditioning compressor was locked up!!!!!!! So check all your accessory's and also engine for locked up condition. Jimiwane

Can a faulty throttle position sensor cause a hesitation problem on 95 Grand Am se?

Yes, my grand am had that problem a week ago, changed out the sensor and it runs like a champ!

Does a bad master cylinder cause brakes to stay on?

Not usually. It is possible for the mater cylinder get suck in the apply position, but the brake pedal would not return to the up position after stopping. A more common problem for the brakes to be stuck applied is a locked wheel cylinder or brake caliper, or a jambed parking brake. These issues will be at one or more of the wheels, so check there if your brake pedal is at normal height.

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What sensor on a 1995 ford escort would cause poor acceleration and car to cut out?

I was having the same problem with my daughter's escort. I replaced the cam position sensor and the problem stopped. Advanced Auto Parts will check the computer to find out the problem for free. I was having the same problem with my daughter's escort. I replaced the cam position sensor and the problem stopped. Advanced Auto Parts will check the computer to find out the problem for free.

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Where is the transmission dipstick on a 2005 mustang?

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What would cause 2001 mustang cobra to not start?

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What would be the problem with an 87 Chevy Celebrity hesistating when you hit the gas?

Hesitation can be caused by several things: 1. A faulty throttle position sensor might cause hesitation. 2. A faulty MAP or MAF sensor might also cause hesitation. 3. A problem with the engine control module might cause hesitation.

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