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What model years are interchangeable with a 95-96 Geo Tracker gauge assembly?


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2011-09-13 11:05:34
2011-09-13 11:05:34

95-97 I believe. I've had mine replaced (specially built) and it went bad again. Personally I think it had to do with the mechanic more than the parts..bought another one off eBay for about $125. Apparently they don't make them anymore. :(


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No, not all are interchangeable. be careful of brand and model.

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If you are asking about a Winchester Model 94, no- they are not interchangeable except with the services of a gunsmith.

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the 410 mossberg model 183d-a is a bolt action 410 gauge shotgun with a tree round mag well and has two interchangeable chokes full choke and modified

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I do own both, the bolt, safety and stock seem the same but the magazine is definitely NOT the same or interchangeable

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The Model 37 is a pump gun, and the 51 is a semi-automatic. I doubt seriously that the barrels are interchangeable, since they are totally different models.

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