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The muscles used in a shoulder press are the deltoids and triceps. In a more complex manner, these are the following muscles and what time of mover they are (primary, stabilizer or secondary):

Primary Movers:Anterior Deltoid

Secondary Movers

Lateral DeltoidSupraspinatusTriceps Brachii (the triceps is actually only a two headed muscle)Middle TrapeziusPectoralis Major


Long head of the tricepsShort head of biceps brachii (funnily enough the biceps is a three headed muscle)Upper trapezius

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Chest (Upper portion emphasized)


Anterior Delts (Front shoulders)

Biceps are used as stabilizer muscles (not used in actual upward movement)

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Q: What muscles are used while doing dumbell curls?
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While he was working out at the gym, he dropped a dumbell on his toe.

What muscles are streched while doing the splits?

Hamstrings and Quadriceps.

What exercises can be done to strengthen arm muscles?

The most common exercises for strengthening your arm muscles include: Biceps: Seated curls Standing curls Triceps: Tricep extensions Lat pulldowns Pull Ups Dips Forearms: Reverse curl Wrist curl Rock climbing

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You can increase your muscles by doing regular exercise. gradually increasing resistance. following a proper diet and achieving proper rest...your muscles grow while resting not while working out....

What muscles are used doing step aerobics?

Ideally your whole body will be used while doing aerobics. But the primary muscles involved will be your leg muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves) and the muscles of your lower back, abdominal and but muscles.. The lung and heart muscles function at their optimum to compensate the stress on these muscle groups...

Do biceps or triceps act antagonistically while doing a push-up?

The muscles that are in your arms

Where is the process of fermentation occurring in eukaryote cells?

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How do you build abb muscles?

you can build your abb muscles by doing sit ups and abb workouts also you can flex your abbs while you run or walk

Which muscles are developed when one uses an exercise ball?

An exercise ball can be used to develop many different muscle groups. Placing one hand on an exercise ball while doing a push up will help develop the pectorial and latimus dorsi muscles. Doing a crunch while seated on an exercise ball will help develop oblique muscles.

Why do you have back pain while doing ab exercises-does this mean that im doing them wrong?

yes, you are putting to much strain on your back and not using your abdominal muscles to lift you

Is bench press bad for baseball players?

Standard bench press is not necessarily bad for baseball players, however, it is not the smartest exercise. Baseball requires long, lean muscles whereas the standard bench press builds small, tight muscles. The best form of bench press for baseball players is dumbell bench press because it requires the utilization of the stabilizer muscles in both arms and, therefore, strengthens the forearms, biceps, and triceps while maintaining long, lean muscles.

Basic Dumbell Exercises?

For Rock-Solid Core Strength - Dumbell RotationsThe dumbell is one of the most basic and versatile pieces of equipment in the gym, and with so many hundreds of ways to use the dumbell properly, it's surprising that so many people manage to find a way to use it incorrectly. Here are some basic dumbell exercises to get you started at the gym or at home.Basic Bicep CurlsOne of the simplest exercises in the world is the basic bicep curl, but many people do it improperly. For best results, keep your upper arm straight, never bend at the shoulder, and keep your elbow tucked into your side. Curl your wrist up and towards your shoulder when lifting, tensing every muscle in your arm, and let the weight back down gradually. Don't use your body to "heave" the dumbell up, use your arm only.Side LiftsHold a dumbell in either hand and raise your arms out to each side like a bird raising its wings. Do this gradually so that you can really feel the burn, and hold them out there for a moment. If you jerk them or swing them, you risk serious injury. Lower them gradually and repeat. You'll probably only be able to do a few reps at first, but soon you may be doing multiple sets of ten and up.Dumbell CrunchesA great way to work the abs is to simply hold a dumbell on your chest while doing crunches or sit-ups. The challenge here is doing a real crunch, a real sit-up, and not going halfway before flopping back down. The higher you hold the dumbell up on your chest, the more burn you're going to get. If you really want to get aggressive with it, some people will actually hold the dumbell over their forehead or above it for a serious burn.All of these workouts can be accomplished at the gym or at home with a couple of cheap dumbells. You can also hold dumbells while doing a variety of exercises like squats. If you're ever lost as to whether you're making a real impact on your body or not, just ask yourself: Can you feel the burn? If so, you're probably on the right track.