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Biceps and Lats primarily, along with a lot of support from the forearm and shoulder muscles.

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Q: What muscles you use in chin ups?
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What muscles do chin ups work?


What muscles do use doing chin ups?

the hamstring, deltoids, phalanges, sternum, femur, ribcage

What is better pull ups or chin ups?

they work different muscles... so i'd do both of them

What are the benefits of pull-ups and chin-ups on muscles?

It works back, chest, stomach, biceps, and triceps.

What is better chin ups or pull ups?

better in terms of muscle use would be pull ups. better in terms of difficulty would be chin ups. chin ups work your biceps way more than pull ups.

What muscles are benefited when doing chin ups?

The idea of doing chin up is primarily to work out your arms. You will be pulling your whole body weight up with your arms and this will strengthen your muscles.

Which muscle are you working when you do pull-ups?

biceps mostly Biceps (Chin ups are the best for these), lats, shoulders, back muscles and the forearms.

How do you strengthen arm muscles with out using any workout equipment?

Chin-the-bar and Push-Ups.

What muscles are used when doing sit-ups?

Sit-ups work the abdominal muscles, particularly the upper abs.You use your abdominal muscles to do sit ups.

What are some good upper arm exercises that I can do to build muscle?

chin ups - its works out the muscles heavily. pull ups - For builds back and arms muscles. push ups - builds chest, shoulders and arm muscles. one arm push ups - for arms and back, need to do the same amount for each hand.

Can you do chin ups everyday?

You can do chin ups every day, but you shouldn't. It is better to do chin ups every other day, so that you can rest your arms.

How does doing chin-ups help your body?

by lifting your chin over a bar makes your arm muscles much stronger because of the your weight the heavier you are the better your workout will be.

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