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Drain the tank and pray it don't mess up anything. If you run it, it will make the car run really bad and might even cost you an engine replacement.

AnswerThis sounds like a glass half full or half empty type question. Have the fuel tank drained the fuel filter replaced and if you are really in the mood flush the fuel lines. Other than the low or no power / alot of grey smoke / and engine knock this will clear up as the diesel fuel makes it's way back through the injector pump and to the injectors and finally to the engine. This happens more often than you might think with usually no long term effects to the best of my experiences.
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Q: What must you do if you put half a tank of unleaded petrol in your half full diesel car?
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What happens when petrol trucks are half full?

well if you are an optimist you could say 'The tank is half full'.

How much petrol does a car use?

full tank is 10 and half way is 5

How do you get petrol out of a diesel car?

if you are talking about the fuel tank... you could drain it.... or just fill it with diesel and run it.... t hen fill it up again before you use half a tank

Have got petrol in diesel citroen Picasso what do you need to do?

I have a 52 plate Picasso and my slightly dimmer half put 20 pounds of petrol in my diesel car. There was about 5 - 10 pounds of diesel already in the tank. I simply syphoned the tank with a hose and a bucket. doesnt taste nice i know, then filled it with diesel and a fuel treatment and ive had no problems since. this was a year ago now. Its not usually bad this way round as truck drivers put a small amount of petrol in their tanks to stop them freezing in the winter. its when you put diesel in a petrol engine that you've got a problem.

Does petrol work in a diesel engine?

The self ignition temp of petrol is much higher than diesel hence only compression in diesel engine cannot initiate the combustion .thus petrol cannot be used in diesel engine. There was an episode of "Amazing Race" a couple of years ago where the contestants jumped into the cars they were given to drive to the next destination. They were all diesel. They had to stop on the way there and fill up the tanks. It was night and about half the contestants did not notice that the cars were diesel and they pumped gasoline into the tanks. The cars did in fact get down the road a ways until they finally stopped. The most enterprising of the contestants was an older gentleman who crawled underneath his car, disconnected the fuel line, drained the tank, reconnected it, and refilled it with diesel. No a diesel will not run on gasoline.

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How will diesel effect a petrol engine?

It won't really hurt the engine.... unless you run it long term... Unfortunately you can't burn diesel well in a petrol engine.... It will smoke alot and miss and have weak power... best thing to do if it was accidental is to top it off with petrol... and when it is half tank... top it off again.... then change the fuel filter. Another idea is to add a double dose of octane booster.... it should help with the smoking and missing

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