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UK Russia France

The list is long, even Mexico's Air Force were there in the Pacific!

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Q: What nations sided with the United States and Canada in World War 2?
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What countries are involved in the united nations?

The United Nations is one of the most powerful organizations in the world. The countries involved with the organization include nearly all nations in the world. These include the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Russia.

When did Canada become a member of the United Nations?

Canada joined the United Nations at its inception in 1945, in the wake of World War II.

What is Canada?

Canada is a country north of the United States, with a population of around 40 Million. It is the 2nd Largest Country in the World, and a Member of The Commonwealth, NATO, NAFTA, and the United Nations.

Was the united nations an ally in world war 1?

The United States fought against the United Nations during World War I and then fought Canada and Emperor Palpatine's droid army after nuking the UN headquarters in New York. The US won.

What nations defeated the axis Powers in world War 2?

United States, Canada,Great Britian, Australia, China, United Soviet Socialist Republic

Nations siding with Canada and United States?

Nations that were Allies during World War II along with the United States and Canada were the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, China, France, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Yugoslavia, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Norway, Czechoslovakia, Brazil, Denmark, Luxembourg, and Mexico.

How many countries are there in WHA?

In the World Hockey Association (WHA) there were two countries: Canada and the United States. In the World Health Assembly (WHA) there are 194 countries: all countries in the United Nations.

What influences has Canada had on the nations of the world?

Canada is a great peacemaker when other countries fight and with the help of United Nations, has helped the world in more ways than before.

True or false after world war 1 the United States was in debt to European nations?

False. The United States became the primary creditor for European nations.

Which countries were principal allies during world war2?

United States, United Kingdom, Russia Nations that played a smaller role include Canada, France, Australia, China, and India

After World War 2 Winston churchill argued that the united nations should be?

After World War II, Winston Churchill argued that the United Nations should be controlled by the United States government. He felt at that time that the United States was at the peak of their power.

Which of these nations was not a combatant at the beginning of world war 1?

United States.!

Who was involved in the surrender of Germany in World War 2?

The United States, The British Empire, The Soviet Union, Canada, Other British Commonwealth nations, and France.

Is Cananda larger than the US?

Canada is larger than the United States. Canada is the second largest country in the world, the United States are the third.

Who were the alllies of France in world war 2?

The allies during WWII covered the majority of the nations that existed at the time, but the more major were, The United States, The United Kingdom, The Soviet Union, and Canada.

How is Canada connected to the world through politics?

Canada is connected to the world through many political organizations, such as the United Nations, the Commonwealth and NATO.

Where in the world do beavers live?

Canada And some of the United States. (-:

Were abouts is Canada in the world?

Canada is on the continent of North America. It borders with the United States.

Russia is largest country in the world Canada 2nd largest where does the United States rank?

The United States is the fifth largest country in the world.

Is the United States the most polluted country in the world?

No. The United States is the second most polluted country in the world.The top 5 polluted countries in the world, according to United Nations figures, are:ChinaUnited StatesRussiaIndiaJapan

Which nations were superpowers after world war 2?

The United States and the Soviet Union were the Superpowers after World War 2.

Which nations suffered fewest casualties in world war 1?

the united states :)

How and why did the United states aid European nations after world war 2?


Which world nations do not have a state religion as a rule of constitution?

The United States of America

Which nations were superpowers after world war ii?

The United States and the Soviet Union