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Alfred Mahan

not quiet sure :/

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Q: What navy captain who encouraged America to build up its merchant marine and navy?
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Hull number of the ss john ericsson merchant marine ship?

194. And I know the captain - Captain Richard Kirk. Yes, Captain Kirk. (current as of early 2011)

Can a other than honorable discharge from the military stop you from becoming a merchant seaman?

Not necessarily in the commercial merchant fleet, but for the Merchant Marine, yes. The U.S. Merchant Marine is actually a branch of the Armed Forces.

When was Merchant Marine Outstanding Achievement Medal created?

Merchant Marine Vietnam Service Medal was created on 1968-05-20.

When was Merchant Marine Defense Bar created?

Merchant Marine Defense Bar was created on 1944-08-24.

When was Philippine Merchant Marine Academy created?

Philippine Merchant Marine Academy was created on 1820-04-05.

What is the motto of Philippine Merchant Marine Academy?

The motto of Philippine Merchant Marine Academy is 'Righteousness, Humility, Courage'.

What are the release dates for Our Merchant Marine - 1916?

Our Merchant Marine - 1916 was released on: USA: 2 December 1916

When was Merchant Marine Combat Bar created?

Merchant Marine Combat Bar was created on 1943-05-10.

When was United States Merchant Marine Academy created?

United States Merchant Marine Academy was created in 1942.

Where is the American Merchant Marine Mus in Kings Point New York located?

The address of the American Merchant Marine Mus is: U S Merchant Marine Aca, Kings Point, NY 11024

What has the author Irwin M Heine written?

Irwin M. Heine has written: 'The United States merchant marine' -- subject(s): Merchant marine 'Effective United States control of merchant ships' -- subject(s): Merchant marine, Statistics 'China's rise to commercial maritime power' -- subject(s): History, Merchant marine

What was a key element in developing a market economy in nineteenth century America?

developing a merchant marine to promote water transport