What notice is the lender required to provide to the co-buyer in Texas before and after a car is repossessed?


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2004-09-07 19:12:09
2004-09-07 19:12:09

same as provided the're equal partners in the deal. When you co-sign for a laon, you assume certain responsibilities to keep an eye on your loan. A prudent person would, dont you think???


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In some states yes. In some state the lender is not required to give any notice at all before or after. In some states, the lender is only required to give you notice after the vehicle has been repossessed.

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It depends on the state, but usually it is only required that the lending institution have the papers. In general, you already know when the loan is in default.

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Your car can be repossessed if you miss one payment. Not likely they would do that but it is possible.

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