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What number fuse is the turn signal on a Plymouth Sundance?


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2007-09-02 02:00:38
2007-09-02 02:00:38

It's a 10 amp fuse, but, at least on my '94 model, it's in position 15, which is on the far right, one down from the top. the number on the fuse is ten


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sundance flasher answeri have a 94 sundance and the turn signal flasher for my car is under the steering column behind the fuse box. it will most likely be short and round and silver. I'm thinking that yours should be in the same area. good luck!

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If the dash light on a 1991 Plymouth Sundance does not work, this may be because it is grounded. Another reason may be busted fuse.

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The Fuse for the radio should be located within the fuse panel. It should be a 10 watt i believe

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you need a 10 amp (red) fuse for the radio. the fuse is located in the top right fuse corner of the fuse panel. it is marked radio underneath the fuse.

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