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What other names has the Constitution of the US been known by?

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What is an addition or change to the Constitution?

amendmentAn addition to a constitution or other document is known as an amendment. Currently, 33 amendments have been added to the U.S. Constitution.

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Changes to the written words of the constitution?

Throughout the years there have been many instances in which the written words of the US Constitution have been changed. These changes are known as amendments.

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How many amendments have been added to the constitution all together?

There have been twenty seven amendments added to the constitution of the United States. The first ten amendments are known as the Bill of Rights.

What does the 9th amendment say about rights not listed in the constitution?

protects other rights that might not have been listed in the Constitution.

How many amendments to the constitution have been repealed by other amendments?


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Which clause of the Constitution has been used to strengthen the power of the national government?

The Necessary and Proper Clause of the Constitution has been used to strengthen the power of the national government. It is also known as the Elastic Clause.

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What five ways has the constitution been changed other than by formal processes?

Judicial review is the only way other then amendments that the constitution can be changed in interpretation

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What does he constitution do?

The constitution describes how the government will be organized and provides specific lists of things the government may and may not do. The beauty of the Constitution of the United States has been its brevity. Constitutions of other countries have been too long and have become confusing and have been ignored.

The basic right guarenteed to each individual were added after the constitution had been written for the purpose of gaining ratification of the constitution these 10 amendments are known as?

bill of rights

How many other amendments have been passed since the constitution was ratified?