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The areas that were legally purchased by the Jewish National fund and other organizations later became Israel. These were areas of swampland and desert, which were made habitable by the early Jewish immigrants. It contained most of the west coast, from the Negev in the south, to Haifa in the north.

A map can be found at the below link.

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What was the Jewish national homeland in 1917?

Answer 1Israel was created where Palestine used to be.Answer 2In 1917, Lord Balfour described the future British Mandate for Palestine as a possible Jewish National Homeland.

Whose colony was Palestine?

The name is British Mandate of Palestine.

Who occupied Palestine in 1944?

In 1944, Israel/Palestine was under British sovereignty as the British Mandate for Palestine.

What was decided about Palestine as a home for the Jews?

The League of Nations approved the British Mandate for Palestine as a national home for the Jewish People as early as 1919.

What land did they divide between Israel and Palestine?

The British Mandate of Palestine.

What British mandate was the focus of the Arab-Jewish controversy?

The British Mandate of Palestine was the only mandate with an Arab-Jewish controversy.

What was Britain's rule in Iraq and Palestine?

The British ruled the regions would become Iraq, Jordan, Israel, and Palestine as Mandates. From 1919-1921 the only two British Mandates in the Middle East were those of Iraq and Palestine. In 1922, the Mandate of Palestine was divided into the Mandate of Palestine and the Mandate of Transjordan.

What was Palestine to Great Britain after WW1?

Palestine was a British Mandate in the Middle East, pursuant to the League of Nations description of a Mandate.

What land is shared between Israel and Palestine?

The former British Mandate of Palestine.

Did the local people in British Mandate Palestine have British passports?

Yes they did.

Who did the British give mandate of Palestine to?

Israel and TransJordan

What was Israel called before 1948?

It was called British Mandate of Palestine or simply Palestine.

In which Middle Eastern mandate did the Zionist movement seek to restore the Jewish homeland?

In the British Mandate of Palestine.

How was Israel before and after World War 2?

Israel proclaimed its Independence on 19 May 1948. Before that, there was not any State on the territory of Palestine except Jordan which was not an independent State either as all the territory of Palestine was under the British Mandate.

When was the State of Israel formed out of Palestine?

The Jews of the British Mandate of Palestine declared independence as Israel in 1948.

Was Palestine after the overthrow of the ottoman Turks a free state?

No. It was a British Mandate.

Which European country controlled the mandate of palestine during ww1?

the british

What country was in control of Palestine after World War II?

In 1945, Palestine remained a British Mandate (United Kingdom).

Who Partitions Palestine after World War?

It was known that eh League of Nations (currently the United Nations) gave Britain the task of controlling Palestine therefore creating the British Mandate for Palestine. The Mandate lasted from 1920-1948.

Who governed Palestine before the State of Israel was declared?

There have been numerous groups who have governed the territory of the Mandate of Palestine before Israel's Declaration of Statehood. The most recent prior to Israel was the United Kingdom. The British governed the Mandate of Palestine as a Mandate from 1919 until 1948.

What was Israel called in 1940?

The modern State of Israel came into existence in 1948. In 1940, the area where Israel predominantly sits (excluding the Golan Heights) was called the British Mandate of Palestine. The Mandate of Palestine was not a country, but a colony of the British Empire. What made a mandate different from a colony was that the British had an obligation to help the people living in the territory to form their own government and facilitate independence. In the specific case of the Mandate of Palestine, they were required to do this for the Jews and the Arabs together.

What is the name of Palestine?

Palestine is its own name. If you are referring to the current nations that occupy the space previously occupied by the British Mandate of Palestine, those nations would be Israel and Palestine.

When was Israel created out of Palestine?

The modern State of Israel was founded in the territory of the former British Mandate of Palestine in May 14, 1948.

What kind of democracy did Israel have in World War 2?

In world war 2, there was no democracy in Israel. The British Mandate of Palestine formalised British rule in Palestine from 1917-1948.

What was Israel before an independent state?

Israel was a part of the British Mandate for Palestine, a quasi-colony under British authority.

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