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Q: What part of the ear gets destroyed by loud noise?
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Do you need a new engine if the car still runs its make'n a loud noise but it still runs?

It would depend on what part is making the loud noise. We are going to need more info.

What part of the ear vibrates when there is a loud noise?

The thing inside your ear vibrates is your, Eardrum.

2005 Chrysler pacifica making a loud noise like exhaust is leaking but you changed out the gaskets already can an egr valve do that to the car?

It is possible that a part of the EGR valve has fallen out. This will cause a very loud exhaust noise.

What part of the ear is damage by loud noise?

The sensitive hair cells in your inner ear will be damaged by loud noises and long-lasting noises.

What the constatnt loud noise is in my 2004 trailblazer it gets louder when you rev it its not the tens pulley or the idler pulley?

It could be the clutch fan that is going bad. I had the same issue & the expense of the part and manpower can be $400 to $700.

What part of the ear is damaged most easily by continued exposure to loud noise?

your ear hairs because when loud noises flow into your ears the hairs will get pushed down and it may cause defness

Why do sudden loud noises make us jump?

it just does...A loud noise makes you jumpbecausethere is a part of your ear that helps you to balance and when disrupted you jump

Loud knock from wheel well when turning corner?

Going to guess that this is a FWD and noise is from front and no noise while going straight?? Possible outer CV joint or loose front end part

A loud noise from someone sleeping?

This sound is called snoring. It happens when a part of your nose relaxes a little too much and it starts to vibrate.

What happens to stars that gets sucked into black holes?

They get destroyed. Their matter becomes part of the black hole.

What does the word boom mean?

It can mean a loud noise, part of a boat's mast, a mass of floating logs (in Canada) or a big event in an an area (gold boom).

Why does your 2001 Mercury Cougar make a loud humming noise?

I had a very loud humming noise coming from my 99' cougar. I talked to many mechanics and nobody knew what it was. I looked it up online and found two sources( listed at bottom) that said it was the idle air control valve. I replaced the part and my car runs great without the horrible loud noise.;

Is Harry Potter going to destroy voldermolt in part 2 of the deathly hallows?

I heard that Voldemort gets destroyed by his own spell or something.

What part of the ear can become most damaged due to exposure to loud noise?

It is actually your hair cells that get damaged. Over time your hair cells go away and you can lose ur hearing!

Does the Pluto destroyed?

no Plutodoes not destroyed but now it is a part of dwarf planet

Why is it important that earth's solar system is in a quiet part of galaxy?

Cosmic noise is in fact VERY noisy. Noise from the galaxy can be as loud as 50 decibles which can damage one's ear drums unless that person is wearing ear muffs. We are not in quiet part of galaxy,it just didnt made some nose recently.Mars and moon are full of craters made from asteroids.

Which animal noise does not echo?

The answer to this question lies not in the "animal" part but in the "noise" part. Noise is sound. Sound is mechanical energy. Sound can be reflected off surfaces with varying amounts of attenuation (loss) depending on the nature of that surface. Certainly sounds come in a variety of amplitudes (volumes) from loud to soft to almost silent. Given the basics of sound, any noise can echo if conditions support that. And just because someone might not hear the noise, that doesn't mean that a tiny signal can't echo. Many animals have better hearing than people do. And contemporary electronics can pick up stuff that no one could possibly hear. Which animal noise does not echo? Any noise made by an animal has a probability of creating and echo if there is something near enough to reflect even the smallest part of the incident sound.

What part of speech is loud?

Loud can be an adjective, such as: a loud radio, a loud truck, a loud tieLoud can be an adverb, such as: Don't be so loud. The protesters came down the street loudly.

What is the loud noise in the rear of car when you come to a stop?

Something to check would be if there is rust in the break-drums that would need to be cleaned. Another possibility would be the strap around the muffler. Check to make sure it isn't broken. If it is, the muffler may be hitting part of the frame, hence the noise. Other than that, I have no idea.

Is loud an adverb or an adjective?

It is an adjective. The adverb form is loudly. *Occasionally the word 'loud' is used as an adverb (they talk too loud) instead of loudly. This includes where it is part of the phrase 'out loud' (Did I say that out loud?)

What will a noise vibration analysis show me?

A noise vibration analysis will show you exactly what is wrong in the motor of you car. It basically pin points where the noise is coming from by the vibrations and it will tell you what part is bad by how far away the part is.

What are the release dates for Fast N' Loud - 2012 Fast N' Loud Meets the Bandit Part 2 4-14?

Fast N' Loud - 2012 Fast N' Loud Meets the Bandit Part 2 4-14 was released on: USA: 9 December 2013

How was part of The Pentagon destroyed?


How loud is a superbike?

Superbikes can make many different noises and the noise a bike will make depends on the exhaust tip that is on it. most bikes' stock exhause will not be very muffled while an after market part will alter the sound. check your local cycle shop

Suppose you experience hearing loss from listening to loud music. Which kind of factor is loud music?

part of physical enviroment