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what part of what forest

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Q: What part of the forest did the Germans use as the main base the best?
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What is the main plant in the forest?

The main plant in the forest is trees.

What are 2 '' nicknames'' the Americans had for the Germans?

the main names they called the Germans were the "krauts" which was the main one and some called them the "huns" as well

What are the examples of main idea?

A Article about saving the Rain Forest. The main idea is about the Rain Forest.

What is the main road in the main forest?

Main Street.

What are New York's main biomes?

deciduos forest ,colin forest

Why did the germans destroy Jewish homes?

On the front lines the Germans may have destroyed homes, but in the main Germans stole Jewish homes (and businesses) and used them for themselves.

What is the main rain forest in Brazil?

The Amazon Rain forest.

What are the main biomes of New Jersey?

There are several main biomes in New Jersey. These include the Eastern Deciduous Forest, Temperate Deciduous Forest, as well as Temperate Broadleaf Deciduous Forest.

What are the main biomes of Nebraska?

main biomes in nebraska

What are the biotic components in a forest?

The main biotic components of forest are trees.

What are the main biomes in Arkansas?

The main biomes of Arkansas are:Deciduous Forest and Grasslands.

How do you get to the forest on Mythology Island?

The forest and the Tree of Immortality are left of Main Street.

Where do you install freon on a 2003 jaguar x-type?

fish is there main food in the rain forest fish is there main food in the rain forest

What is forest succession?

Forest succession is the changes a forest goes through over a period of time. There are five main stages: forbs, shrubs, young forest, mature forest and climax forest.

What is the main difference between a tropical rain forest and coastal forest?

a tropical forest has a lot of rain. a coastal forest has no rain.

Where is the Forest City Library in Forest City located?

The address of the Forest City Library is: 531 Main Street, Forest City, 18421 1430

What are the main biomes of Kentucky?

Tundra Taiga Dessert grassland Trapical Rain Forest Temperate Rain Forest Temperate Deciduous Forest Chaparral (Serub Forest)

What was the main idea of Operation Barbarossa and why is it important?

The main idea of Operation Barbarossa came from the Germans and their plan to invade the Soviet Union. It is important because though the Germans started the invasion, it also led to their defeat.

What are the main bases in cheerleading?

The main bases are the flyer, front and back base and the most important... main base.

What are the main biomes in Nevada?

The main biomes of Nevada are the desert biome and the forest biome.

What are the 3 main base units?

the 3 main base units would be, > ?

What is the main feature of the forest?


What are the six major land biomes?

Deserts, Tropical Forest, Coniferous Forest, Deciduous Forest, the Tundra, and the Grasslands. There are more biomes, but these are the main ones.

What are the main charactericts of a deciduous forest?

i guess the main character is that the forest trees sheds their leaves when the water in the soil becomes scarce/ summer is coming close.

Who was on the side of the Germans?

Japan, Italy and Germany were the main axis powers