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It varies from what section of the country you live so call some local garages.

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Q: What part replacement hours of labor and cost are involved in stopping the oil pump from leaking in a 1997 Nissan Maxima 3Litre V-6?
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How many kilograms of water are in 3 liters?

Basically 1Litre=1KG. So 3Litre=3KG!

What happens when a timing belt breaks on a 3litre turbo diesel ford ranger?

Serious internal engine damage will occur.

How do you adjust a vauxhaull signum handbrake?

How do you remove handbrake cable from brake caliper 3litre signum right hand side

What is the thread pitch of the harmonic balancer retaining bolt on a 98 Honda Accord v6 3litre?

Having E-Mailed Honda Austrlia , and recieved their answer from their technical department I can say that a 1998 Honda Accord V6 3litre harmonic balancer retaining bolt is 16MM x 1.5MM Pitch. i hope this helps. John G W

How is milk packaged?

In glass, cardboard or plastic, usually in container sizes ranging from 250ml to 3litre. Long-life milk can be available in small tetra cartons.

How do you replace a thermostat on a dodge spirit 92 3litre?

If you have a Auto zone near by if you will get the thermastate from them which is only about 8 dollars it takes 3 min. to change it they will drop it in for you. They did mine.

Does the any of the venture radiators fit the vauxhall sintra or can any one tell me where to get a radiator for the sintra from?

Do not think so. The engines are Vauxhall ones and the radiator most likely too. On the V6 the engine is the same as the 3litre Omega engine and the radiator is also likely to be a Vauxhall model.

How much antifreeze do you put in your 1993 Nissan Pickup V6?

If you have the VG30E model 3litre engine then:down to -15C (5F) needs 30% antifreeze mix. Down to -35C (-30F) needs 50% antifreeze mix. NB 4x2 model has a 10.7 l radiator while the 4x4 model has an 11.7 l radiator.

What is the gap size of spart plugs in Ford Taurus v6 3litre?

A little more information please ( what model year of Ford Taurus and is it the 3.0 litre " Vulcan " V6 engine or the 3.0 litre " Duratec " V6 engine ) or if you check the VECI ( Vehicle Emission Control Information ) sticker in the engine compartment that will show what the spark plugs are gapped at

Is a cc bigger than a ml?

cc ( cubic centimetre: cm3 ) = ml ( milli litre:10-3litre )Explanation:basics: 1000 litres = 1 m3now,1 cc = 1 (cm)3= 1 (10-2 m )3= 10-6 * m3= 10-6 * 1000 litres ( refer above basics )= 10-6 * 103 litres= 10-3 litres= milli litres ( ml )1 cc = 1 ml

94 Dodge Shadow ES 3Litre does the radiator fan have high and low speeds your car runs hot at idle with ac on as if its not pulling in enough air Otherwise it runs fine with no overheat or high temp?

No it has only one speed. I suggest you do a complete cooling system maintenance. Drain the coolant and flush the system. Replace the thermostat, and clean the front of the radiator and remove all bugs and debris. Install a 50/50 mixture of the proper coolant and distilled water. Bleed all air from the system. Do not allow this engine to overheat or you will have serious trouble.

What is the typical torque pounds on V6 Ford Ranger heads around 1984?

3litre- step 1 59lbs, step 2 loosen one full turn, step 3 37lbs , step 4 68lbs 4litre- step 1 44lbs ,step 2 tighten manifold intake bolts to 36 then to 72 in-lbs. step 3 head bolts to 59 lbs . step 4 tighten intake bolts to 72 then to 132 in lbs. step 5 tighten head bolts another 80 to 85 degrees.

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