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about one fourth, 1/4 of the worlds jet fuil is used for the military annually. that is about 42 million tons per year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What percent of the world's concrete is used by China?

the percent of the worlds concrete is used by china is 88%

What is the worlds most widely used fossil fuel?


Is most of the worlds rice crop used to feed livestock?

False, 95 percent of the worlds rice crops are user to feed humans..

How much of Uranium is used in nuclear fuel?

The nuclear fuel used in fission reactors is uranium dioxide, UO2, made into fuel rods about 10mm diameter. The uranium is enriched in U235, up to about 4 percent (natural is 0.7 percent)

Are Dobermans smart dogs?

yeah!! they are in top 5 worlds smartest dogs and is used for police work, and military

What fuel does a military tank use?

During WWII, US armor (tanks) used gasoline for fuel; during the Vietnam War, US Patton and Sheridan tanks used diesel for fuel.

What percentage of garbage can be burned as fuel?

Garbage can be burned and converted into fuel. About 16 percent of waste in America's rural areas could be used for fuel.

What fuel does a military tanks us?

During WWII, US tanks burned gasoline for fuel; during the Vietnam War US Patton and Sheridan tanks used diesel for fuel.

What fuels are are used in France?

The fuel mostly used in France is nuclear power. Only 25 percent of Frances power is not nuclear.

What percentage of the worlds organisms are classified in each group?

Insects make up the greatest percentage of the worlds organisms that are classified in each group. With 84 percent of the worlds organisms still to be defined insects are. Under classification "Species" is the group most commonly used.

What kind of fuel is used in aircrafts?

Generally, aircraft aviation in two types fuel is used. The first one is AVGAS and the Second is Jet Fuel.

What percentage of Fossil Fuel are used in Kenya?

scineces have said that kenya uses 13 percent of the fossil fules

What is the isotopic nature of fuel used in nuclear reactors?

In PWR and BWR reactors, the new fuel is 4 to 5 percent U-235, the rest U-238. Some small research type reactors use a higher U-235 content, perhaps 20 percent. There is also mixed oxide fuel (MOX) which contains plutonium as well as uranium, this is produced in the UK and France and used in some countries, Japan for instance, but not so far in the US. I believe a MOX plant is to be built in the US, this will presumably use Pu from military sources as no chemical separation of spent fuel is carried out in the US as a commercial operation.

How often is hydroelectric power used?

Hydroelectric power is used all the time. It has been estimated that hydroelectric power is responsible for up to 20% of the worlds electricity. A large percent of this from China.

What type of fuel is used for a turboprop engine?

Jet fuel--Jet A in the civilian world, usually JP-8 in the military. You can also put JP-4 or JP-5 in one.

What are some helpful algae?

algae and other marine plants help supplies 71 percent of the worlds oxygen. they also are used to help cleanse chemicals from farms.

Where can i find a Fuel line diagram for military blazer?

The service used a standard civilian (contracted) Chevy Blazer during the 90's.

Is uranium used in solar energy?

Uranium is used as nuclear fuel for nuclear reactors, for nuclear weapons, for other military applications and for other some modest civilian applications.

What are wirebound boxes used for?

About 60 percent of wirebound boxes are used for agricultural clients, such as fruit and vegetable growers. The military and private industries also use wirebound boxes.

Could it be used for fuel?

Could what be used as fuel?

What is fuel used in bicycle?

no fuel used in cycles

How much does JP-8 fuel cost?

Standard JP-8 fuel costs about the same as regular gasoline at $3.60 per gallon as of June 2014. JP-8 or Jet Propellant 8 is a fuel used by the U.S. military for aircraft.

Can iso-HEET be used in place of 99 percent rubbing alcohol?

No, the formula has changed, they now add a fuel injector cleaner to it.

Who was responsible for the Japanese invasion of Manchuria?

The Japanese military . . . Manchuria was used as an area to store tanks, soldiers, food, fuel, ammunition, and so forth.

Identify the gas used in an airplane and why?

Aviation fuel is used in an airplane. It is a cleaner, more pure form of diesel type fuels,. It often contains chemical additives to reduce the risk of icing or explosion due to high temperatures, amongst other properties. The militaryuses an even higher level of fuel, usually referred to as JP-5 in the military (Jet Propulsion).

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