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What percentage of Americans have access to the internet either at home or at work?

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What percentage of Japanese have access to internet either at home or work?

In Japan approximately 79.1% of the population had internet connectivity as of 2012. This total has steadily grown since 2000 when approximately 37.1% had access. nationâ??s home internet access is a sign of its economic well being.

Where can I find some good internet access in Denver?

You can go to either website for more information on good internet access in Denver CO: http://www.highspeedinternet.com/ or www.earthlink.net/access/

Which companies provide the fastest internet access?

in the us it is either at&t or the verizon

How many countries don't have internet access?

All countries have internet access, it's just that either they cannot afford it or it most of it is blocked by the government. Happy to help!

What computer hardware is required to access the Internet?

The item that is required to access the Internet from one's desktop PC is called a modem. They are relatively inexpensive and can be either wired or wireless.

What is the most common way to access the internet?

The most common way to access the Internet is using a computer that is either connected to the Internet by using a wireless router via WiFi or using an Ethernet cable.

What is the number of cities in Pakistan with Internet connection?

Each and every city of Pakistan has internet access. Even villages and towns of Pakistan can access internet either by 3G or 2G connectivity. PTCL is the largest broadband provider.

What's the best phone to use for constant internet access?

The best phone for constant internet access is either an Apple IPhone or an Android phone. These two phones seem to have the longest battery life, which allows longer internet time.

What exactly is an Internet cafe?

An Internet Cafe allows travelers or persons without internet access via home phone lines or smartphones to access computers. There are normally two options: either Bring one's own technology with the cafe providing a wireless password or the cafe provides both internet access and a computer to work on.

How do you access settings on your router?

Normally you open your internet browser and type in either, or

What percentage of Americans either drink tea or coffee to start their mornings?

The percentage of Americans that drink tea or coffee to start their mornings range from 50 percent to 80 percent. 50 percent of Americans drink coffee at least once a day.

Do prepaid cellphones have Internet in them already?

no they dont but you can access it either way i think so you could possibly get charged

Why do people support free access to materials on the internet?

Nobody has 'free' access to the internet - unless you're using a terminal in an internet cafe. Normally, people either pay a monthly fee to their service provider - or pay by the amount of data they process over the mobile network.

Can you get a virus from having internet on without a virus defence system while not using internet?

If you have DSL the network access is always on which is usually accessed with a gateway modem. The gateway, if properly configured, would stop any internet access into your network. A virus from the internet comes from the user either by viewing a webpage, email, downloads etc

Can the FBI block someone from using the internet?

Yes. Either they prevent internet access from a certain house/apartment completely, or threaten a person with jail sentences if they use computers.

How do you get free Internet on a desktop computer?

There are a couple of ways to get internet access for free. you can either.. 1.) Freeload of off someone else's internet connection. 2.) install netzero. They have the option 10 free hours of Phone line internet a month.

How do you do Online furniture shopping India for your home?

Simply access the internet and place either a business name or product that you're looking for

What are the basic needs for an internet?

To use internet, you must have a computer, a net access (cable, wireless, cellular modem and the password, if necessary) and preferably electricity (either from the wall socket or from the battery).

Why does Argentina have only a small percentage of Native Americans?

Because many were either killed or fled to other countries in the 19th Century.

Why wont one computer access facebook sometimes not even to the log in page when it will access the rest of the internet no problem and access to the same Facebook page on another computer works fine?

There are 2 things you can do here either:- * Call your Internet Provider (Ask if theres a problem with your internet connection). * Contact a local PC repair and see if they can solve the problem. Hope that helps!!:) Adam

Can you put Google Chrome on internet explorer?

Both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are web browsers, used to access the world wide web. You can use either to navigate to any website.

Is it true that you can access the Internet on a laptop but not on a desktop?

Untrue. You CAN access the internet with a desktop. There are two primary ways just like a laptop. You can either hook an ethernet cable to the PC or you can attach a USB-attached Wireless device that will access the internet in a wireless manner the same as a laptop. Laptops normally can also be directly be connected to an ethernet cable. The desktop access is normally limited to access you pay for since most people can't easily take their desktop down to their local coffee shop to access free Wi-fi!

How can you connect your vmware machine to internet?

You can use either bridged connection that allows direct access for VM to network adapter. Or you can use NAT configuration. Using Virtual Network Manager make sure that NAT is configured to access Internet through the physical network adapter.

How does one get the Internet on their PSP?

To get access to the internet on your PSP, you will need access to a WIFI connection. This can either be from your homes router, or free one in a cafe. Then, head to the Settings in your PSP, Network Settings, Infrastructure Mode, New Connection, Scan and then select the correct wifi connection. Enter the password if require and your PSP will then attempt to connect to the internet.

What is internet time theft?

Internet time theft comes under the heading of hacking. It is the use by an unauthorized person of the Internet hours paid for by another person. The person who gets access to someone else's ISP user ID and password, either by hacking or by gaining access to it by illegal means, uses it to access the Internet without the other person's knowledge. You can identify time theft if your Internet time has to be recharged often, despite infrequent usage. There are many such cases in India that are prosecuted under the IT Act.

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