What percentage of people in the world are black?

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1.3 Billion Black people in the WORLD.

6.7 billion is the total Human population as of January 2009, so about 20%
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What is the percentage of left hand people in the world?

Hi, as a left hander myself ive had an interest in this, im led to believe through the media we are 1 in every 10 on average. If it interests you, you can search the net for more info about lefties, we were considered half wits, evil doers, witches or the male counterpart, hence some of the unkind ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people have cancer in the world?

The current estimated human population for the planet earth in 2010 is 6,865,300,000 by the United States Census Bureau. The United Nations estimates that world population will be over the 7,000,000,000 mark in 2011. Recent U.N. organized surveys performed in multiple countries have found the aver ( Full Answer )

What percentage fo people have cancer in the world?

it is approximated that 31% of people in the world suffer from cancer, however this is just an estimate as most third world countries do not have the medical experience, education, or equipment to diagnose cancer so its safe to assume its probably higher. Kind of a scary figure :S

Percentage of white people in the world?

There is many white (light skinned) people in the world. To have a close estimate or exact, there is around 8.85% of those considered white people in the world. The rest would be made up of blacks, mexicans, asians, indians, natives, etc. Wikipedia estimates 500,000,000 whites in the largest regio ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people in the world like cricket?

the cricket is veru papular in southasia ( Pakistan, India, Srilanka etc ) and every youngester like to play cricket in that country and if you move further and go to Europe side the England is the counrty where cricket is play but not so much because the youngester of that country more interested i ( Full Answer )

What is the percentage of black people in prison compared to white people?

95% black and 5% mexican The answer is 8 to1 About 45% of the population incacerated in US are Black, in spite of they are almost 13% of the 310 circa milion people in USA. The crimes commited to Black people from other Black people is about between 90 and 94%. The crimes commited by African-Americ ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people have black hair?

80% of the worlds population has black hair. This is because mostAsian people have black hair, and their countries are the mostpopulated in the world.

Percentage of racist people in the world?

Difficult to ascertain; as it is dependent on a person being truly honest with themselves, and also how the term racism is defined. Some people consider racism as the oppression of dark-skinned people as perpetrated by whites. Some consider racism as any sort of favoritism, or disfavor, shown tow ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people practice Judaism in the world?

According to the TIME Almanac 2009: As of mid-2008, the total Jewish world population was estimated at 15.1 million, or two tenths of one percent (0.2%) of the total world population. How many of those PRACTICE Judaism is a much more difficult question. . Around 0.25%. ------------------------ ( Full Answer )

What is the percentage of black people in France?

\nAccording to me in France( not including overseas french territories) the percentage of black people is around 5 or 6%. But it depends of the area obviously...Most of black people are concentrated in big cities.

What percentage of people in the world are gay?

The US Census does not collect data on sexuality; however, according to a recent study by the Williams Institute at the University of California, 11% of the adult population has engaged in same-sex sexual behavior, but only 3.5% of the population identifies as being lesbian, gay, or bi-sexual. As ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people in world own Bible?

Own a Bible? Not sure, but 98% of population have access to a Bible in their own language. And, interestingly, the Bible is the number 1 selling " Book" every year! .

What percentage of people are Christians out of the world?

This is difficult to say as there are many Christians in countries that persecute Christians and where many millions have to meet in secret. One such country is China where there are estimated to be over 100 million Christians, many of whom meet in secret. Therefore there are estimated to be around ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people in the world are multilingual?

The exact number of multilingual people in the world is impossible to know for sure because there are several factors that define the term "multilingual." The most common way to describe someone as multilingual is someone who can effectively communicate in more than one language. The percentage of p ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people in the world believe in Creationism?

Too many! Many of the one billion Muslims and about half of the US population. I can not put a percentage on that, but a quarter of the world's population at least. You can Google a certain number af comparative studies, but how many of the world's nations are included I do not know.

What percentage of people is bahai in the world?

The Baha'i Faith began less than two centuries ago and at this time the percentage is a bit over 1/10 of a percent. It's roughly at the same point where Christianity was in growth population by the 7th Century after Christ.

What percentage of people in US are on welfare are black?

If you use those who are supported by Temporary Assistance to NeedyFamilies (TANF)--best described as a federal largess to indigentfamilies with dependent children--as stated by the Dept. of Healththe data suggests 1.7% of the total population that derive over 50%of their income from Welfare support ( Full Answer )

What is the percentage of black people in Iceland?

Since Iceland is made up mainly from Nordic heritage, you will find very few black people in the country and I doubt the total even equals 1%. Now that that the NATO base has been disestablished - I'm sure there are even less.

What percentage of people are theists in the world?

The definition of "theist" is dependant on many factors - many religions do not agree on which god o gods to worship and "non-believers may not be lumped in with the theists. Others would include everyone except atheists in theists, forgetting that may philosophies such as Buddhism and Juche don't h ( Full Answer )

What percentage in the world do people do drugs?

The majority of adults use drugs for various reasons. If medications for health considerations are included, along with alcohol, nicotine (tobacco), delta-9 THC (marijuana) and host of others are to be included, then the percentage of adults using drugs approaches 50% plus, at least on an intermitte ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people in the world are Mormon?

0.2% of the world population are baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church). Approximately 2% of the United States population is Mormon.

What percentage of people in the world are Jews?

Answer 1 The total number of self-identified Jews, whether practicing or not, surveyed in the roughly 135 countries of the world where they're found, amounts to about 0.2% (two tenths of one percent) of the world's population. Answer 2 According to the Jewish Agency, for the year 2007 there w ( Full Answer )

What percentage of black people are Democrats?

According to exit polls from presidential elections, in the five elections between 1992 and 2008, on average 88% of African-Americans voted for the democratic candidate, while slightly over 9% voted for the republican candidate. The rest voted for a third-party candidate. The 2008 election, which ( Full Answer )

What is the percentage of the people in the world?

100%.. Since ALL the people in the world ARE all the people in the world, the answer is 100%.. What is the percentage of people in the world who/which ... what?. Re-ask the question with the missing information..

What is the percentage of white people killed by black people?

I really can't see a "good" reason for asking this, and yourquestion isn't clear. - is it about how many out of those killed that were killed by byblacks - is it about how many out of all white people that were killed byblacks - and how do you determine that someone is white or black? Plentyof peopl ( Full Answer )