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Q: What percentage of zinc sulfate should you use to foot bath your cows in?
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What percentage of cows are dairy cows?

45 percent. or 45%

What is the fat percentage in cows milk?

about 3.5-4.0%

What percentage of dairy cows go outside?


What is the percentage of cows versus bulls?

Usually, for every bull there are 25 to 30 cows. I can only answer that in ratios, not percentages.

How many buckets of water cow take to fill a bath?

Cows can not carry bucket of water,

When should bulls be turned in with the cows?

A couple months after the cows have calved.

Why should you thank cows?

you shouldn't!

What should you put in your clubhouse?


Will copper sulfate hurt cows or dogs?

It will "hurt" (or kill, rather) cows and dogs if they are exposed to a lot of it, but otherwise it is a good fertilizer, micromineral supplement, topical/oral treatment for certain ailments, and an insecticide and fungicide.

Why do Indians bath with milk?

because they like it because they have farm there so they get milk from cows cause they don't have water

Do female cows only have a udder?

Cows ARE female. So yes, only "female cows" (which should just be left as cows) have an udder. "Male cows," or more properly called bulls, have testicles/scrotum in place of the udder in cows.

What kinds of candys do cows eat?

Cows don't eat candy, nor should you feed it to them.

Should you eat pigs or cows?


Percentage of cows with brown spots?

This question is impossible to answer because there are a wide variety of colouration, breeds and crossbreeds of cows in the world. And the number of cows with brown spots in each country differs greatly from year to year.

Are there cows in Minecraft pocket edition?

As of Pocket Edition 0.3.0, cows have been part of Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you have that version or above, then there should be cows.

What should you do if a stampede of cows are running at you?!

Are there vegetables that milk cows should NOT eat?


Can you feed a rejected baby rabbit cows milk?

No. No baby rabbits, orphaned or not, should be fed cows milk.

How long should you leave a bull in with cows or heifers?

Breeding season for cows and heifers should be from 45 to 90 days long. Sixty days is considered optimum.

Where are all the cows on wild west island poptropica?

All the cows should be near the area called ranch on your map.

In a herd of 80 dairy cows 16 have black and white coats and 64 have solid black coats what is the frequency of cows with black and white coats?

0.20 Or Percentage 20% -Apex

Can Syrian hamsters have cows milk?

No, they should have water, NOT milk.

What does it mean when you see black and white cows?

you should stop

What percentage of USA cows are tested for mad cow disease?

All animals that get slaughtered are inspected for signs of BSE.

Should you buy old bred cows?

That's really up to you.