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He accomplished killing millions of the Jewish race, he hated the Jewish because as a child he went to a Jewish art school and they (the Jewish teachers) didn't like his art.

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Q: What personal goals did Adolf Hitler accomplish?
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Did Adolf Hitler accomplish all his goals?

no, for a start Germany lost the war, communism survived, the Jews survived and the thousand year Reich only lasted a few years.

How was Hitler planning to accomplish his main goals?

By distroying the Jews and any one who got his way

What were Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini goals?

they both wanted world domination, but history told a different story!

How did Hitler utilize the Nazi party to accomplish his goals?

Prior to and also during World War II, Hitler utilized the Nazi Party in various ways in order to accomplish his goals. The Nazis served Hitler as co-planners, as co-motivators, as mouth-pieces and interpreters, as administrators, as informers, even as enforcers, in both domestic and military affairs of state.

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What were the goals of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party?

Type your answer here... the nazi party sought to strengthen germany econmically,politically,and in a nationalistic perspective. kab

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Did Hitler accomplish his goals in World War 2?

No. After initial successes he led Germany to a devastating defeat. After 12 years his 'Thousand Year Reich' was in ruins.

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How did Hitler feel towards his victims?

He had no regard for them at all, as far as he was concerned their deaths were necessary in order to fulfil his plans. The faster they died the sooner he would accomplish his goals.

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