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What phobia is the fear of bears?


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Melissophobia - This is a fear of bees, not bears as far as i am aware. Ursaphobia is a fear of bears I think.

This is interesting. Melissophobia is, in fact, a fear of bees, honey bees to be exact. However, the erroneous definition of 'fear of bears' has been sited several times over the Internet. It is as if the original mistake (either through ignorance or fast typing or something more nefarious, probably the French) has been cut and pasted so many times that it is given credence. Classical Republican tactic, say it enough times and people believe it. Obama is a Fascist-Socialist! Obama is a Fascist-Socialist! Obama is a Fascist-Socialist who fears honey bees and bears!

Melissa = honey bee

Ursa = bear

Phobia = fear

Ursus is bear in Latin, but phobias are named in Greek, so it's actually arktophobia. - ἄρκτος is the (koine) Greek for bear, which would be arktos in Roman letters, so arktophobia.