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Q: What plane did the red baron score the most kills in?
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Who was the red baron and what did he do?

The Red Baron was a German flying ace, who till this day has the most confirmed aviator kills. He was famous for painting his plane bright red, which was a risky thing to do. His most famous achievement was shooting down the British ace, Lanoe Hawker.

Which fighter plane in World War 2 had the most kills?

The highest scoring US plane was the P38 Lightning, with 40 kills.

Who was the most famous pilot during world war 1?

the most famous is manfred von rictoren or famous known as the red baron or in garman de rote baron because the red baron shot down 80 enemy aircraft. (hes plane and the most famouse in ww1 was the fokker dr.1 tri plane)

What is the Red Baron of World War 1?

The Red Baron was Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen of Germany. He was the most successful flying ace of WW1 with 80 confirmed kills.

What is the Sopwith Camel biplane?

It was an Allied fighter biplane of World War I, mainly used by the British. It was arguably the best fighter plane of WWI and was credited with 1,294 kills. It is perhaps most famous being flown by Roy Brown, who shot down the Red Baron!

What animal kills more people annually than plane crashes?

Technically, the mosquito kills the most people because of the transmission of malaria. The hippo physically kills the most amount of people.

What is the real name of red baron?

his real name was Manfred Von Richthofen. He was a German baron who flew in the German airforce during WWI. To this day, he holds the record of most aviator kills. 80 of them.

Are there any pilots from world war 1 that are famous?

WWI's most famous fighter pilot has to be: Baron Von Richthofen, a German ace also known as the "Red Baron". To the best of my knowledge, was credited with over 80 kills. Didn't survive the war, KIA.

What creature kills the most people?

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Yes it is. It is the easiest way to score kills and it is mostly performed by people who are posing off of youtubers. Most quickscopers camp through-out the whole game and easily score a nuke because of how easy it is to kill opponents.

What was a World War 1 plane?

On the Allied side, the (British) Sopwith Camel was one of the most famous. The Germans had the Fokker Triplane which was flown by Manfred von Richthofen, the famous Red Baron.

Why did they call them the red baron?

Manfed von Richthofen was the most famous German pilot of WWI, he was called the Red Baron because most of the planes he flew were painted red and he was a Frieherr. Frieherr was an heredity German title of nobility comparable to an English Lord or a French Count. During WWI, Germans called him "der Rote Kampfflieger" which is roughly "the Red Fighter Pilot" however now he is referred to as "der Rote Baron" in Germany also. Although the Red Baron is often associated with the Fokker Triplane for most of WWI, he flew biplane's. 20 of his 80 confirmed kills were in the either the F.1 or D.1 Triplanes. If 80 seems like a low number compared to WWII German aces (Hartman had 352 kills), it must be remembered that in WWI it only counted as a kill if the downed craft was verified by the German army - so any the planes that the Red Baron shot down over enemy territory didn't count.

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The snake that kills the most people is the Russels pit viper wich kills about 50,000 people a year.

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Food is the thing that kills most Americans a year.

How do you become a baron?

In most societies, you would have to be born into a certain family to become a baron. So, really, you would have to inherit it. You couldn't just become a baron.

How many aces did the red baron have?

An "ace" was an Allied pilot who shot down five or more enemy planes. The German equivalent was a "Kanone", but a German pilot had to shoot down ten or more to be considered a "Kanone". This was all the invention of newspaper writers. The Red Baron eventually ran his score up to 80 enemy planes destroyed. Most of his victims were two-seater recon planes. These were not necessarily easy targets, because the observer in the back seat had a machine gun to use in fighting off attacks from the rear. But they were generally slower and less maneuverable than single-seat fighter planes. A true dogfight was between single-seat fighter planes. One of the Baron's hard-fought victories came over British ace Lanoe Hawker, who had around 11 kills to his credit when he fell before the Baron's guns.

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What is a Fokker?

Fokker is the name of an aircraft company started by Anthony Fokker. The most famous plane he built that was referred to simply as a "Fokker" were the Fokker E-III Eindecker, which was a single wing airplane of WW1. Later in WW1, the Fokker Dr 1 tri-plane also became well known because it was the favorite fighter aircraft of the "Red Baron".

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