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there rusted...there bent....there need to replace them

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Q: What possible reasons are there for car breaks to squake?
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What does the car breaks do?

The car breaks (brakes) stop the car.

What are the reasons for Tata Nano success?

Car price breaks the entry barrier for a middle class couple.

What should you do if your car breaks down in a tunnel?

Pull over as far to the right as possible and turn on the emergency flashers immediately.

Why does my car smell like gas when i turn on the heater?

It is possible that a car can smell like gas when the heater is turned on for a few reasons. One possible reason that this happens could be a leak in the line.

Can you install an airbag in a car that didn't come with one?

it is theoretically possible but for all practical reasons not really

Why does my 2007 camrys 's breaks make noise?

There are a lot of reasons. And of them is you have to change brakes pads. Of course it can be something else but the car is too new to have major problems with it. PS: If you have "sticky" brakes you need to check brakes calipers as soon as possible.

What does fricton do?

it stops a car when u press the breaks on the car

Reason for industrialization?

There are many reasons for industrialization such as the need for metal objects. Industrialization also made it possible for everyone who wants a car to get a car in a reasonable amount of time.

Can car crashes be caused by slipping on ice?

There are a million possible reasons for car crashes, and icy road conditions is certainly one of them.

Is it possible to return a new car if I'm not satisfied?

If you have valid reasons, a responsible dealer should take good care of you.

How do most car journeys involve walking?

car breaks down

What are the release dates for The Car Coach - 2011 Things to Remember When Your Car Breaks Down?

The Car Coach - 2011 Things to Remember When Your Car Breaks Down was released on: USA: 4 July 2013

Car won't stop when applying breaks?

Time 2 get a new car

What happens to the bumper of a car when there is a crash?

It breaks.

Can no breaks cause your car to putt an stall?


What is newtons first law of motion when someone slams on the breaks in the car?

Newton's first law of motion tells us that an object in motion stays in motion. When someone slams on the breaks in the car, the breaks can stop the car, but can't stop the driver from being thrown forward.

Why would a car stall when you hit the breaks?

because if you stop immediately then the car will stall.

What happens when differential on car breaks and is no longer driveable?

You replace or repair it or junk the car.

What breaks often but is made out of metal?

Car brakes.

Does your car shut off when the timing belt breaks?


What happens when you step on the breaks?

Thee Car Stopsss -_-

What to do when your financed car breaks down?

When your financed car breaks down, you need to get it fixed so you can drive it and keep paying your loan at the same time. If you can't afford to get it fixed, you can give the car back to the finance company.

What is the car break?

its where the car breaks in half when someone in the back seat is trying to kill the driver

How do you put aTtoyota Camry into neutral?

Start the car, press breaks, switch to neutral gear, turn the engine off, release breaks (use manual breaks).

What are reasons for a car to get repossessed?

If you don't make your car payments.