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President Harrison had the most pets. (mostly dogs though)

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Which president had the most pets while in office?

President Roosevelt was the president with the most pets while being in office.

Do the president have pets?

Yes, most of them. For example, Obama as Bo

Which president had the most pets?

Theodore Roosevelt, then Calvin Coolidge then JFK

What us president had most pets in the white house?

Calvin Coolidge

Did Chester Arthur have a pet?

No he was the 2 only president who had no pets No he was the 2 only president who had no pets

Did Richard Nixon have any pets?

Richard Nixon had four pets while he was the vice president and president. These pets included dogs named Checkers, Vicky, Pasha, and King Timahoe.

Did president chester a Arthur have any pets?

No. Chester Allan Arthur did not have any pets.

What animal pets does President Barrack have?

a dog

Which president had 2 bear cubs as pets?

Who was the only President to own bear cubs?

What are president Woodrow Wilson's pets?

a pet sheep

Did president Clinton have pets?

yes 2 elephants

Did Grover Cleveland 22 president have any pets?

grover Cleveland had 104 pets they where all cats

Which country has the most pets?

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has the most number of pets in the whole world.In total there are 413,283,800 pets to be precise.

What are the most popular pets in the world?

cats are the most popular pets in the world. Then dogs

Is a cow one of the most known pets?

No. Cats and dogs are the most known pets.

Did slaves have pets?

The answer to this question is no, most slaves did not have the freedom to have pets.

Most popular pets in Canada?

The most popular pets in CANADA is dogs,cats,and birds.

What was Herbert Hoover's pets as president?

8 dogs and an opposumm

What pets did the second president of the US have?

maybe... its cute.. loool

What is the name of President Chester A Arthur dog?

There is no record of any pets while Chester Arthur was President.

Is there such a book called The Most Adorable Pets in America?

No But There Is A Book Called The Most Adorable Pets in The World!

What is the duration of America's Most Dangerous Pets?

The duration of America's Most Dangerous Pets is 3600.0 seconds.

Do children in Mexico have pets?

Yes. Most of them have dogs and cats as pets.

What are the names of President Barack Obama's pets?

President Barack Obama has a Portuguese water dog named Bo.

Does The President Obama Have Any Pets?

yes,he has a dog a cat and a bird

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