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What process generates the warm core in the eye of a hurricane?

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descending air

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Was hurricane Katrina a warm or cold hurricane?

It was a warm hurricane. All hurricanes are tropical by definition.

What is the difference between a hurricane and a nor'easter?

Hurricanes are tropical systems that have a warm core which means they get their energy form the waters in the tropics. They weaken as they come to the north because of the lack of warm water giving it the energy. Nor'easter are low pressure systems like hurricanes but they have a cold core instead of a warm core. Cold core systems get their enegy from the amtposhere and produce strong winds and heavy rain/snow.

What is the fuel of a hurricane?

The fuel of a hurricane is warm, very moist air. The moisture is provided by warm ocean water.

What does a hurricane need to strengthen?

For a Hurricane to strengthen it needs tropical,warm water!

Do cold water fuels a hurricane?

No, warm water fuels a hurricane

When does a hurricane increase its speed?

A hurricane increases its speed when it is over warm water.

How does the process of convection helps warm the earth's surface?

The Earth's mantle is a plastic substance which undergoes convection due to the heat of the core. Warm material rises up from near the core to just under the crust. The heat that it carried from the core is released into the crust, thus warming the surface. The cooled material then descends back to the core.

How does a hurricane get its energy from warm water?

Moisture evaporates from the water. The resulting warm moist air carries enormous amounts of energy. When this air is pulled into a developing hurricane it rises and as a result cools and condenses, releasing that energy.Energy of a warm sea is transferred to a hurricane by water evaporating into a hurricane.

What is the relationship between the depth of warm water at the surface of the ocean and the intesity of a hurricane?

Generally speaking the greater the depth of the warm water, the stronger the hurricane can get. Is is because a greater depth means a greater volume of warm water to supply energy for a hurricane.

How cold can it be in the Eye of a Hurricane?

The eye of a hurricane is actually warm, though there is not exact temperature.

What characteristics made hurricane sandy a hurricane?

Hurricane Sandy was a hurricane because it was a large scale tropical system with a closed circulation, a defined center of rotation, organized convection, a warm core, and sustained winds in excess of 74 mph. All these are needed to qualify as a hurricane. However, at landfall in the U.S. Sandy had lost tropical characteristics, and so was technically no longer a hurricane but a very powerful post-tropical cyclone.

It feeds on warm sea air?


What type of water will a hurricane form in?


What is the source of a hurricane?

Warm, Moist air

Why does a hurricane form and why is the sun important to the formation of a hurricane?

I do not know why dose the hurricane form but i know that the hurricane needs the sun.It needs it because the hurricane needs warm water.

When out at sea how do you know when a hurricane will occur?

There is no certainty in predicting a hurricane, but when conditions are right (warm waters, warm moist air, little to no wind shear) it is possible to determine if a tropical disturbance is likely to become a hurricane.

What feeds on warm sea air?

The item that feeds on warm sea air is a hurricane. Hurricanes use this air from all directions to increase their power.

What is a post tropical cyclone?

A post tropical cyclone is a cyclone that was once tropical (i.e. a hurricane or tropical storm) that has lost tropical characteristics such as a warm core, but stil retains its circulation.

What makes up a hurricane?

The three main features that make up a hurricane are the eye, the eye wall, and rain bands. Hurricanes are large swirling storms that form over warm ocean waters. Warm eater and moist warm air are factors in the start of hurricane.

Can a hurricane form in a thunderstorm?

Hurricanes develop from clusters of thunderstorms over warm ocean water, but the process takes days. Individual thunderstorms can sometimes produce tornadoes and hurricane-force winds, but cannot actually become hurricanes.

What type of water is needed for a hurricane to form?


Did the warm front bring in hurricane Katrina?

Yes it did

What are the conditions necessary for a hurricane to develop?

warm water

Does a hurricane form over warm water?


Is a hurricane made out of wind?

A hurricane is not made out of wind . . . a hurricane is made from warm air currents and air moisture, and creates highs winds.

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