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I have worked my way around with muriatic acid on a whitewash brush then rinsed it with a hose. works a treat.


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Muriatic Acid will get rust stains out of a Gunite Pool. To prevent rust, it is recommended to keep pH level of the water slightly acidic.

Use a steal wire brush to brush off the yellow stains. Also, it might help to keep the chlorine level high.

Replace the tiles. Makes it easier to clean the water line. Stains and oils will be permanent if you don't. k

Put a chlorine tablet or shock in an old sock and weight it to the stain. It should be gone in a few hours.

I would recommend using a product named "Oxi Clean". It is a wonderful product and has removed several stains from my carpet, such as: pizza stains, grape juice, pet stains, etc....

The yellow stains are most likely algae. Superchlorinate and lots of brushing until it is gone. Then brush again. You may want to clean the filter too.

Keep the acid content too high for a while and a lit of staining will tend to get bleached out.

use Angel Eyes. amazing product. it really works. they got rid of my Bichon Frise's tear stains. you should try it out.

I seriously doubt that the pool sweep is the problem here with your stains. You will have to describe the stains in order to get to the root of the problem. Are the stains: Rust color or brown? Black or gray? Green? Blue? Are the stains consistent or uniform? Are they all over the pool? Do they cover the whole pool or are they in small patches? Answer these questions and I may be able to tell you the cause. k

The slogan "Trust Pink. Forget Stains" is for Vanish laundry soap.

I prefer to use Biodex 300, then seal with a silicone tile/grout sealer like "TPS" If the stains and buildup are thick you will need a professional.

It great for cleaning up pet stains. It even has a function for spot removal and heavy traffic areas.

There is a product called Nature's Miracle that you can but in grocery stores that will help get stains out. Also, Awesome is very good at getting stains out. If you plan to have dogs for a while I would invest in a small carpet cleaner.

Some of the best products to remove stains include dish soap, ammonia, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide. Since these items are common around the home, there is no need to leave and spend money on a product that one may use once or twice.

I use a product that is 100% all natural and uses enzymes to neutralize and eliminate stains and odors. I have three cats, so this happens sometimes in my house.

Tru-Bleu Doll Cleaner is a good product. Also, some stains on vinyl dolls, can often be removed with OXY-10 acne cream.

I read numberous reviews on this product and others asked specifically about coffee stains as well. After reading the reviews my answer would be yes it can get up coffee stains.

Use a natural ascorbic acid based pool product to clean stains on walls in the pool. Once applied, this product almost immediately removes most stains. Most pool stains come from metals in the water. Test your fill water to make sure it doesn't contain high concentrations of metals, if you fill your pool from sources other than city water.

My carpets have several old stains that are hard to remove. What is the best carpet cleaner product on the market?

There is a product called Iron out, in the past this has worked for me on blood stains as well as rust stains on clothing, but I would wash thoroughly with regular soap first.

you can use a product called "shout" or baby oil would work

You can clean rust spots off a porcelain sink easily with a product like Bar Keeper's Friend. This oxalic acid product can be made into paste that removes rust stains. One caution though: rust stains can be permanently set by using a chlorine-based cleaner.

This must be an algaecide of some sort possible a low grade of chlorine. Did you follow the instructions EXACTLY? Is this product supposed to settle on algae spots? If not , did you brush it to keep it from clumping and settling on the bottom of the pool? The black stains, possible caused by the product burning the plaster where it settled --- improper use of product. Impossible to know without seeing the stains and finding out just how you used the product. Contact Bioguard for further info.

There are a few things that could cause blood stains in urine. Most of these causes could be the product of medical problems that need medical attention.

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