What programming language does Yahoo use?

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What programming language does YouTube use?

Answer . If your are thinking of youtube it uses a variety of languages. It defiantly uses flash and JavaScript for its front end and some sort of SQL for its data base. It uses several other languages too but those listed above are the only ones I am sure of.

Advantages of using C programming language?

uses of C: C was initially was used for system development work. But why use C..?? mainly because it produces code that run nearly as fast as written in assembly language{direct machine laungauge} . ex: 1. Operating systems, 2. language complilers, 3. assembly, 4. text editors, 5. printer spoolers 6 ( Full Answer )

What programming language does Unix use?

Unix was created almost entirely in C. It consists of a main component (called the kernal) and a flotilla of small utilities. Most of these utilities were written in C. Unix distributions usually come with a C compiler so you can create or modify the environment yourself. However, C is not your o ( Full Answer )

What program languages uses compilers?

Every higher level programming language uses a compiler. A compileris needed to translate the written instructions into a type ofinstruction that the computer will recognize.

What is the use of python programming language?

Python is a relatively high-level scripting language. It is known for a relatively straightforward syntax. For example, consider the following program in C: . include main(char * argv, int argc){ char userName[20]; printf("What is your name?"); scanf("%s", userName); printf("Hi t ( Full Answer )

What programming language does Amazon.com use?

Hi guys! Amazon.com is currently the largest company in theword. This company uses the following technologies for the site. 1. OS . Linux . 2. programming languages java c++ python asp.net php 3. DBMS oracl sql mysql simpldb

What are the uses of JAVA programming language?

Java is an Object Oriented Programming language. Developing OOPSapplication is much easier, and it also helps to keep systemmodular, flexible and extensible.

What programming language is used for websites?

From the "client" or "browser", you will be using HTML, XHTML, or XML for the document's content, CSS for the document's styling (generally), and possibly JavaScript, VBScript, JScript, Silverlight, Flash, or Java for interactive elements. For the server, you might be using any of a number of progra ( Full Answer )

What was the first programming language used?

The first programming language used was known as "machine code," which is the basis for all code that runs on a computer today. It was originally fed to the computer through the use of punch cards, which would punched out in a certain pattern to represent the binary numbers the computer could interp ( Full Answer )

How and where is the Java programming language used?

Java is used in mobile phones and programming various programs on computers. Java is popular because it works on any platform (system), so a lot of people choose to program using Java. It is also free and has good performance.

Which programming language should you use?

Depends on what you are trying to program! Games, web applications, mobile phone apps may use different languages. I'm not sure which ones use which as of 11-2009 but you need to determine that first!

What is the programming language does enovia use?

It's JAVA based on the front end with Html and Javascript for the web interface. The backend can be either Oracle or SQL Server 2005/2008 -- with SQL Server 2008 being be better performance over Oracle on the same hardware and lower cost.

'why do we use programming language'?

A computer can carry out millions, even billions, of operations every second. Thus, it can do things much faster - and usually much more accurately - than a human. To tell the computer what to do, you write instructions in a special language, called a "programming language". To be accurate, interna ( Full Answer )

What Programming language used for the web?

Several languages are used. The initial version of the World Wide Web defined HTML. Since then several "back-end" languages have been defined that run on servers; PHP and ASPX are the most common with varieties of Visual Basic and Visual C# being used alongside ASPX. Javascript is also used to run s ( Full Answer )

What programming languages are used in programming an EEPROM?

In one sense, since EEPROM is memory, you don't program memory. You store things in memory, and the thing you are programming in this case would likely be a micro-processor or micro-controller that is on the same circuit as the EEPROM. In theory, an EEPROM is just memory, so any language that wou ( Full Answer )

What is the main programming language used on the internet?

with single programming language we cannot do anything on the internet. Actually every application in java is divided into three layers. Presentation layer, Application layer, Data layer. Every layer has its own specification. Presentation layer role is to interact with client means presentation lay ( Full Answer )

What is the programming language used for e-banking?

VB.NET is used for e-banking.It is the language in which all the options are used just by tool box that is at the right hand side of the window. . This question is like asking "what brand of wrench is used to make cars?". There are thousands of different e-banking sites and connections, and they ( Full Answer )

Use and importance of programming languages?

Without programming languages, we would have to program computers using their native code, called machine code. This is nothing more than a series of binary digits (bits), where the particular bits within the code tell the processor which instruction you would like to execute. Programming languag ( Full Answer )

What is the programming languages used in counter strike?

CounterStrike is likely programmed in a variety of scripting languages and programming languages, but as the base of Steamworks is written in C++ it is likely that is also what CounterStrike is written in.

Which programming language used by yahoo?

Probably a multitude of things, just what fits the job. For instance, they can use C++ for their core applications, and Java for the layers around the core.

What programming language does HTML use?

HTML is not a programming language; it is a Markup language. It is used to define the structure of data in pages. In order to make webpages actually do things it can also work with JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and more.

What is the most useful programming language to learn?

well, every language has its own importance, but as a starter you can start with C language.. however if you like designing phase, i will suggest Visual basics.. its also easy to learn..

What high level language is used to program?

used to program what? expand your question. You can use many different languages to code different things. And there are many high level languages.

Why do you use programming languages?

Computers only understand "machine code", which is a series of 0's and 1's that are "encoded instructions." However, most people do not know how to write this code, and even if they did, they would find it tedious to write entire programs in pure machine code. Programming languages were therefore in ( Full Answer )

What programming language used in robotics?

Robotics programming is usually done in C or a derivative of C, although it's entirely possible for other languages to be used. For example, "RobotC" is a common language used for various micro-controllers, however it's now possible to use Java as well with Sparkfun's "IOIO" microcontroller.

Which programming language is used in windows?

Windows is supported by practically any present-day general purpose programming language, with the exception of hardware specific languages aimed at technology not supported by the windows Operating system. Popular programming languages used for writing applications running under the Windows operat ( Full Answer )

Why you use variable in programming language and its uses?

Variables have many uses, the main being to set a certain keyword to a function or command such as A = run.SystemDLL.system32 "just an example" so if I were wanting to create a program or make it shorter.. I would do this.. A = Run B = 1 if B = 1 then print("Hello") This would print Hello ( Full Answer )

How are comments used in programming language?

Comments are completely ignored by the compiler or interpreter. They exist purely to provide little text reminders or remarks that assist us in understanding our own code, making our code easier to read, clarifying the logic, explaining key features, and so on. Comments should be kept as simple and ( Full Answer )

What programming language is used in Kosmo?

Kosmo is a desktop GIS tool implemented using the Java programming language and is being developed based on the JUMP platform and a long series of acknowledged free code libraries, such as Geotools and JTS, used in numerous free software projects. There are also elements incorporated from other free ( Full Answer )

What languages are used for programming websites?

There are thousands of languages used for programming websites. New programming languages are developed each year. Visit a local public library for additional information.

What programming language is used for GameMaker?

GameMaker uses its own prgramming language, the Game Maker Language (GML) which was developed by Mark Overmars. GML supplements the drag & drop system within Game Maker.

What is the programming language XUL used for?

XUL computer Language is primarily used to construct Mozilla applications. The name XUL came from the 1984 "ghost Buster" movie where the Sumerian deity Zuul posses Dana Barrett and says the famous line, " there is no Dana, Only Zuul"!!. This is because like Zuul, XUL language uses XML do define a ( Full Answer )

What is the programming language DBCC used for?

DBCC stands for Database Console Commands. DBCC is part of the Transact-SQL programming language and is used to troubleshoot and maintain Microsoft SQL servers.

What programming language is used by Grails?

Grails is an open source framework for web applications. It is based on the Groovy programming language which was developed from Java. Groovy keeps most of Java's structure but incorporates parts of other computer languages as well.

In what programming language is substr used?

Java is the programming language where substr is used. Substr is a command that returns the characters in a string beginning at the specified location through the specified number of characters.

What programming languages are commonly used?

You may want to take a look at the Tiobe index, which tries totrack the tendencies in the use of different programming language.The top languages - according to this index - are currently (as ofDecember 2013) C, Java, Objective-C, C++, C#, PHP, (Visual) Basic,Python, Transact-SQL, JavaScript. And lo ( Full Answer )

Why do we use programming languages?

We use programming languages to create machine code programs.Programming languages are typically high-level, highly abstractlanguages that are easy for humans to read and maintain butimpossible for a computer to understand. As such, the high-levelsource code must be converted to low-level machine co ( Full Answer )

What is the programming language used by motoman?

The Yaskawa Electric Corporation uses a wide variety of programminglanguages. Robots are typically controlled via a high-levelinterpretive language or script. These languages are typicallybespoke languages, often developed in-house, but are generally veryeasy to use due to their high-level nature. T ( Full Answer )

How can we use physics in programming languages?

We don't use physics in programming languages, we use mathematics.That is, in order to model real-world physics (such as the effectsof gravity) we must use mathematics in order to simulate it.