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What programming languages are pure object oriented languages?

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2012-09-09 07:36:12

Object-oriented (OO) applications can be written in either

conventional languages or OOPLs, but they are much easier to write

in languages especially designed for OO programming. OO language

experts divide OOPLs into two categories, hybrid languages and pure

OO languages. Hybrid languages are based on some non-OO model that

has been enhanced with OO concepts. C++ (a superset of C), Ada 95,

and CLOS (an object-enhanced version of LISP) are hybrid languages.

Pure OO languages are based entirely on OO principles;

Smalltalk, Eiffel, Java, and Simula are pure

OO languages.

Reference: Tokar, Joyce L. "Ada 95: The Language for the 90's

and Beyond."

" According to me JAVA is not a pure oop Language ,because

java contains primitive datatypes that's not an


  • Smalltalk
  • Eiffel
  • java

a programming language that includes all the oops concepts i,e

object, class , inheritance,abstraction, encapsulation, data

binding, and message passing is called a completely object oriented



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