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Object-oriented (OO) applications can be written in either conventional languages or OOPLs, but they are much easier to write in languages especially designed for OO programming. OO language experts divide OOPLs into two categories, hybrid languages and pure OO languages. Hybrid languages are based on some non-OO model that has been enhanced with OO concepts. C++ (a superset of C), Ada 95, and CLOS (an object-enhanced version of LISP) are hybrid languages. Pure OO languages are based entirely on OO principles; Smalltalk, Eiffel, Java, and Simula are pure OO languages.

Reference: Tokar, Joyce L. "Ada 95: The Language for the 90's and Beyond."

" According to me JAVA is not a pure oop Language ,because java contains primitive datatypes that's not an Objects."

  • Smalltalk
  • Eiffel
  • java

a programming language that includes all the oops concepts i,e object, class , inheritance,abstraction, encapsulation, data binding, and message passing is called a completely object oriented programming..


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Q: What programming languages are pure object oriented languages?
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Which languages are pure object oriented language?

SmallTalk is purely object oriented programming language.

What are the companies which use pure object oriented programming languages?

Microsoft, Apple and so on.

Why c plus plus is not a pure object oriented programming language?

C++ is not a pure object oriented programming language because you are free to use procedural programming and structured programming alongside object oriented programming. A pure object oriented programming language would not permit this. If you were to avoid using object oriented programming principals altogether then you'd effectively be writing C-style code.

Object oriented programming concepts?

Yes Java is pure object oriented language .

Is java pure object oriented language?

No. Java is an object oriented programming language but it is not 100% purely object oriented. It still has some features related to other programming patterns and hence cannot be considered pure object oriented.

Is it java pure object oriented programming language?

No, Java is a object oriented programming not a pure object oriented programming Bcoz java does not support multiple is object oriented programming bcoz its implement the basic object oriented concepts like inheritace,polimophism, abstraction etc except multiple inheritance.For any query or suggestion plz mail

Is Java a pure object oriented programming language?


Why java is purely object oriented programming?

the concept of "pure" in object orientation is a little subjective and not quite well defined in practice, but there are pure object oriented programming languages. The principles of object orientation on the other hand are well defined. Programming languages are quite nested in complicated materials, and it is hard to say that everything must be an object, since all formal systems need primitives. How can you define an object without the notion of an object as a definition? This all comes down to type theory, and one can't define everything as "something" without knowing the "something". With this, Java is not actually a pure object oriented programming language since it needs primitives. The only way you can yield a pure programming language with no primitives is not even having the notion of defining concrete terms in a programming language since it doesn't have primitives in it.Smalltalk is an example of a pure programming language. With this, I can't exactly answer the question since you've presented two OO programming languages, neither of which is "pure".-Fabianski BenjaminIndia

Does java belong to structured programming?

Java is Object Oriented Programming. Infact it is not a pure OO programming language.

What are the features which makes Java pure object oriented?

Java is actually not a pure object oriented programming language. See the related question below for the reasons why.

Is C a pure Object Oriented Programming Language?

C is not an object oriented programming at all. It is possible to implement some basic object oriented design in C, though the language provides no specific contructs to assist.

Is JavaScript is an object-oriented language?

Yes it is . The language providing the facility to create classes and programming via objects are known as object oriented language. But it is not pure object oriented language.

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