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What proof of citizenship is needed to rent to illegal citizens?


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There IS no proof of citizenship for illegal [citizens] aliens. I should say, there is no legal proof of citizenship for illegal aliens.

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Kids born in the US are citizens by birth. The certificate of citizenship should be got as proof for the same. Form N-600 can be used to get the citizenship certificate.

If he/she doesn't have legal documents to proof citizenship, he/she is still an illegal immigrant.

When entering Canada from the United States, U.S. citizens must show either a U.S. passport or other proof of U.S. citizenship - such as an original or certified birth certificate together with photo identification.

No. You have to provide proof of citizenship, since an illegal cannot effectively produce this. They would not be able to adopt and would get deported. =] I wish more illegals would try to adopt! =]

Yes, although it is mostly only private scholarships that do not require proof of citizenship. Some are available on fastweb scholarship search.

You can get health insurance if you can find a company to provide it. Most companies do not require proof of citizenship in order to buy insurance.

It is proof of citizenship

It is proof of citizenship.

A social security card is not sufficient proof of citizenship. Social security numbers are given to legal aliens. I don't think being married in the US is sufficent proof that you are a citizen either. A passport would be sufficient proof of citizenship. if you don't have that, a birth certificate or adoption records would be pretty good proof.

If you are a US citizen by birth to US citizen parents you would have to file the Form N-600 to get the Certificate of Citizenship as proof for US citizenship. Else after successful completion of naturalization process a naturalization certificate would be given as proof for US citizenship.

I would say: It is one of the most valid forms of identification Needed for travel in and out of the country Proof of citizenship Renewable for years

If you are US citizen by birth you would have the citizenship certificate as proof. Else if you used Form N-400 and got the citizenship through the naturalization process naturalization certificate is the proof for US citizenship.

US citizens can obtain a Sri Lankan tourist visa for 30 days at no cost on arrival; provided that they have a return air ticket and sufficient proof for citizenship.

Passport is proof of your Citizenship. That is how you use it.

through naturalization. More info: Anyone born in the US is a citizen by birth. Other than this a person can acquire or derive citizenship. A child born abroad to US citizen parent or parents is a citizen of the US as long as a few eligibility conditions are met by the parents. This birth can be recorded within 5 years at the Consulate abroad. The document issued at registration is proof of the child's citizenship. The child can also get a Certificate of Citizenship and a US passport as further proof. When the parents naturalize as US citizens, any child they have below the age of 18 and having a green card is automatically granted citizenship. This child will have to get a Certificate of Citizenship and a US passport as proof of US citizenship.

No. it proves you are a legal resident of the u.s. but not citizenship.

No, it is not illegal to own a bullet proof vest in Canada.

U.S. citizens do not require a passport to enter into Canada from the U.S. They do, however, require proof of citizenship. Acceptable forms of identification for proving citizenship are: passport, birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or naturalization, and Indian Status cards, accompanied by photo ID.

The following certificates are considered to be a proof of Canadian citizenship:A Canadian birth certificateCertificate of Canadian citizenship (the ones issued up to 1977 are called certificate of naturalization)Certificate of retention of Canadian citizenshipCertificate of registration of birth abroad

NO! U.S. Passports are PROOF of Citizenship

Naturalized citizens cannot obtain a U.S. birth certificate. Your Certificate of Naturalization is your only proof of citizenship, and you should therefore ensure it is in a safe place. Don't fold it, instead put it in a sheet protector, and into a safe deposit box at a local bank, or a fire and water proof safe. Make sure you apply for a passport as well, as that is additional proof of your US citizenship.

If you are a US citizen by birth right you would get the citizenship certificate as proof for citizenship. In case you naturalized you would be given the naturalization certificate as proof for US citizenship.Using the USCIS Form N-600 you could apply for a certificate or Form N-565 to replace a lost or stolen one.

No, they can use a birth certificate for proof of citizenship. No passport is needed. Go to the Carnival website for more details as well, it tells you all of the accepted proofs of citizenship. Hope this helps.

No, you can't because EU countries issue the same driving licenses not only for their citizens, but for non EEA citizens as well. So the driving license is not valid as a proof of citizenship, but as a ...driving license

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