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i think character is the most important quality in a lawyer.

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What are qualities to look for in an alimony lawyer?

Some qualities that an alimony lawyer should possess are experience, good communication, and ethics. It is also important that the lawyer be dedicated to the client and is affordable.

Is a character who serves by contrast to emphasize the qualities of another character?

A character can be someone who serves by contrast to emphasize the qualities of another character. One character can be used to show good and the other to show evil.

What qualities exhibit good moral character?

There a few qualities that exude good moral character. Some of these include honestly, integrity, kindness, as well as trying to remain non-judgmental.

What does high values mean?

It refers to a person of good character who has very good qualities.

What are the physical qualities needed to be a lawyer?

Nothing physical is needed, but a good brain, education, and the ability to speak.

What are the qualities and character traits that helped Susan B Anthony succeed?


What qualities should a good character have?

It depends on what the character's role in the storyline is. But generally, if it is a good character, the character themselves will not shut up about what their qualities are and will keep pointing them out and telling you to write them RIGHT NOW. (Apologies to people who aren't writers and thus have no idea what I'm talking about.)

What will be the character sketch of the lawyer in the story the bet by Anton Chekhov?

character sketch of lawyer the bet

What qualities in George Washington made him a good choice for commanding the revolutionary army?

The qualities George Washington had that made him a good choice for commanding the Revolutionary army were his powers of leadership and character.

What is character slander?

Character slander is the disparaging of another person's good qualities (like honesty, integrity, etc.) by falsey stating that he or she possesses either none of those qualities or possesses the exact opposite of those qualities. It has been said that lawyers, such as myself, are not permitted to sue for character slander for obvious reasons.

Which type of character is complicated and exhiibits numerous qualities traits and as a result seems like a real person?

Round Character :) Good luck on A+

WHAT WERE the qualities of Saul David and Solomon?

God saw Saul's talents, character, and upbringing. He was his character, nature and qualities.

What do Macbeths conflicting emotions about the murder of Duncan suggest about his character?

He is complex, with both good and bad qualities.

What is the purpose of a character foil?

highlight the qualities of another character.

What is character inner qualities?

Inner qualities are the qualities that come from the inside such as personality. They are not the qualities like outer beauty and looks.

What are Hera's good qualities?

she has no good qualities

What is a foil as a character?

A foil is a character that highlights the qualities of another character through contrast.

What qualities should I look for in a fitness trainer?

For the best fitness trainer, you should look for qualities such as good character and posture, excellent advice, and a fit body and workout ethic.

What was garret morgan's character traits?

what are garrett morgans character qualities

A character who highlights by contrast the qualities of the main character is known as the?


What are the qualities of a good manager?

What are the qualities of a good manager

What skills and personal qualities do you need to be a lawyer?

Be a person to take sides

What is the collective noun for character?

The noun 'character' is an uncountable noun as a word for the moral qualities distinctive to an individual; good personal qualities; a word for a concept.There is no standard collective noun for the noun 'character'.The plural form for the noun 'character' as a word for a person in a novel, play, movie, etc. is characters.The collective noun is a cast of characters.

Character who highlights the qualities of another character through contrast is called an?


What are the qualities of good researcher?

the qualities of a good researcher like me is that your qualities are good to the creation of god just like the inviroment