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What questions are okay to ask about the affair?



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Do you really want to know?
You can try to ask any questions you want because if the other person does not want to answer them they won't.
You have to know that the less you know is better because answers that you really don't want to hear or don't like will cause you to have negative feelings you may not towards this person.

If you are not going to try and repair the marriage, then no. Just walk away, the information is of no value.

If you are going to work on the marriage, then yes, full disclosure of any and all details should be given freely by the guilty party. This will do two things. One show that the guilty party is serious about working on the relationship and two, clarify the details in the injured parties mind. More often then not the affair is romanticized in the injured parties mind. Seeing it for what it truly is will allow the injured party to decide if they can get over it.