What questions do you ask an artist on a job interview?

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How do you answer when asked if you have any questions for the interviewer in a job interview?

Answer . Find out what the duties of that job are. Ask something, anything, even if you already know the answer. ex: if you interview for a designer job ask, IN ADDITION TO AUTOCAD WILL I HAVE TO CHANCE TO WORK WITH OTHER DESIGN SOFTWARE? Ask about chances to take on leadership roles and avail ( Full Answer )

What questions should you ask at a job interview?

Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview An interview is a two-way street. Ask questions. The employershould provide an opportunity for you to ask questions at or nearthe end of the interview. . Always prepare questions to ask. Having no questions preparedsends the message that you have no inde ( Full Answer )

What are some frequently asked questions in a job interview?

Popular Interview Questions These 2 questions are pretty much the determining factors for someone getting the job, as it lets the company know what you have to offer. -- Can you tell us about yourself? -- What can you offer to the company? And here are some other popular questions: -- Why di ( Full Answer )

What questions do you ask at a job interview?

This depends on whether you are the applicant or the interviewer. Depending on the situation, some questions may or may not be appropriate. The following list are questions an applicant might ask the interviewer: General Company information: What do you consider to be the company's strengths ( Full Answer )

Questions to ask for HR job interview?

Answer . It is always tricky when HR at the end of the interview says “ Is there anything you would like to ask me? ”. So friends please ask some questions because they aren’t looking for incurious people. Ask some questions that shows HR that you are interested in the company ( Full Answer )

What questions does an investment bank ask in the interview for the job of investment banker and what do they look for in the candidate?

Answer . It would help greatly if you have studied M&A. In most final round interviews, you will be asked highly technical questions, from general to deal specific, as most places expect you to be up to date with any mergers and acquisitions. In respect what they look for, you have to look at ( Full Answer )

What kind of questions can you expect to be asked in a job interview for a Restaurant supervisor position for hotel?

Answer . Hi, most of the question are really basic, such as: Do you or have you any experance in Hotel/Motel/Hospitle industry? Can you work independently, without supervision? Can you work well w/others? Can you understand verbal instruction's and follow thru them all when given to you only on ( Full Answer )

What kind of questions should you ask when asked if you have any questions in a job interview?

Answer In my personal experience I have found that it seems to help to show interest in the company. Ask questions about what they make or maybe such as what exacly they do that sort of thing. Even if you don't really give a rat's behind about what they are saying just show interest. I have been hi ( Full Answer )

Questions asked during job interviews?

When was a time you performed customer loyalty? I had a customer who needed assistant when he came to the shop. He asked if I could help him before we opened. I said, sure what can I do? He left his handicapped sticker in his car. Could I get it? I said sure. I had him sit down and I went to r ( Full Answer )

Questions to ask when being interviewed for a secretarial job?

Answer . Obviously, you want to make sure all the basics have been covered: duties and responsibilities, hours of the job, hourly pay rate, benefits. You might want to ask if there are opportunities for advancement. Find out what happened to the last person who had the job. Find out what the boss ( Full Answer )

What are the questions asked during a job interview?

Actually i had one today, and it was a group interview of 9 people. And they asked a variety of questions, from explain ur style, to what ur friends like most and least about u... just be yourself, and stand out by being yourself!!!

What is the most frequently asked question in pharma marketing job interview?

The most common question you will receive is "Why pharmaceuticals?" and you better have a passionate, well-thought out response.. There are a number of marketing-minded people out there, but with the marketingg budgets that pharma companies have they get their choice of the cream.. Have a good ans ( Full Answer )

When interviewing for a job what questions might be asked?

\nThe list of questions to be asked during interview...\n. \n1] Can you throw some light on the on-going Projects ?\n2] If you hire me...were do you place me in ?\n3] In this time of Recession..how come the recruitments are \nstill going on in the company?\n. \nWe should remember that never to ask ( Full Answer )

Frequently ask question during job interview?

A job interview is one of the tools employers use to decide whichof the candidates are the best suited for a position in theirenterprise. Among the most common question their questionnaires cancontain are: 'What are your greatest strength and your greatestweakness?', 'Why do you want this job?', 'Wh ( Full Answer )

What questions should you ask at an interview?

During a job interview you want to show an interest in the companyor business to which you are applying. Ask questions related to thecompany, but not general questions that you can find online, whichwould show that you have not done your research.

What funny questions to ask in an interview?

If your nose runs and your feet smell, are you built upside down?. how soon can I take sick days what's your policy in regards to drug tests is that a picture of your family if so did any of them survive the crash

Top ten behavioral questions asked in job interview?

Job interviewers will ask behavioral questions about a prospectiveemployee's performance. They will ask about work under pressure,challenges, mistakes, goals reached, unpopular decisions, goalsetting, teamwork, disagreements, motivating co-workers, anddifficult situations.

What questions are asked in interviews for a logistic job?

There is no precise question you are sure to be asked, age put apart. Among other things, they will probably try to evaluate the following: -your problem solving capacity -your knoweledge of the tools they use (softwares, process..) -your communication and collaboration abilities -your "s ( Full Answer )

What Profile essay questions may I ask while interviewing a tattoo artist?

1. How long have you been a tattoo artist?. 2. Do you have any tattoos?. 3. Do you have a favorite design to make on people?. 4. What made you want to be a tattoo artist?. 5. As a kid, did you ever want to be a tattoo artist?. 6. Do you do this as a way of creativity?. 7. Why do you like your ( Full Answer )

What is the answer if the interviewer asks for what if questions?

The question "What if" does not always start with "What" but instead could simply begin, "If...." "What if" and "If" questions require an interviewee to think on his feet. The interviewee must sometimes use memories of personal experience to answer "what if" questions. Other times, it's not so ( Full Answer )

What are the top five questions asked at a job interview?

1. Tell me about yourself. 2. Why should I hire you. 3 What is your long-range objective. 4. Have you ever had conflict with a co-worker or boss? How did you resolve this problem? 5. What is your greatest strength? Weakness?

What is a good question to ask in an interview?

Ask any questions that demonstrate your interest in the job. Youcould ask about things like -what basic training you would get -future career opportunities with the company The link below takes you to a free guide on 'difficult' interviewquestions and this issue is covered near the end.

What questions could you ask at a job interview?

You could ask the interviewer how soon they'd get back to you after the interview, what criteria they use in considering a successful candidate, you could also ask if the company promotes personal development or job progression i.e if there's room for promotion within the company.

What question to ask to interviewer during interview?

The best questions to ask in any interview: . How does your organization show it values its employees . What are the plans for opening new offices? . What are businesses strengths and weaknesses compared to similar businesses . How does management view the role and importance of this positio ( Full Answer )

What is a question that is asked in a job interview?

What are some of your weaknesses ? Describe a situation in which: . You overcame adversity. . You disagreed with someone on how something should be done. . You went beyond what was expected. . You couldn't solve a particular problem.

Primark Job interview what question they asking?

It depends for what job you are applying on the otherhand the normal questions is about your prior experience,interest and thing like that but again all depends upon for what position and for what department you are applying for

What Questions do you ask an interviewer in an interview?

Could you let me known what exactly is my job profile? Who will be my supervisor? When is my first performance review? Ask him about company or else ask a feedback from him about ur interview Usually you will be given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of your interview. You should at ( Full Answer )

What question you can ask in interview?

It does depend on your personality.. You could ask what inspired this person to apply for the job I will add more l8r thx Hermione rox

What interview questions cant be asked in a interview?

It depends on the local legislation, some or all here may apply; Nationality Race and Religion Marital Status and Situation Gender and Age Some Health Issues Sexual orientation ------------------- In the link below 64 typical interview questions which are the most often asked in a ( Full Answer )

What are the questions asked in job interview?

describe yourself --include the experiences and skills you havethat would apply to the needs for this job ------------------ Talk about your education, work history, recent career experienceand future goals. Why did you leave your last job? Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your we ( Full Answer )

Inappropriate questions to ask during a job interview?

Some countries have legislation for questions a job interviewer is not allowed to ask, though not all countries do so and the restrictions vary. Such questions may be on the persons religion, ethnicity, age, or sexual orientation.

Which questions are asked in credit officer job interview?

1. What are the implications of putting a customer under accounts for closer monitoring? 2. Describe a situation where you can have a good and credit worth customer without necessarily passing through the company's KYC policy. 3. What a credit officer does can be done by an accountant, attempt ( Full Answer )

What question can an interviewer NOT ask during an interview?

A job interviewer can not ask: 1. Are you a U.S, citizen? (But expect the candidate to be asked ifthey are allowed to work in the U.S.) 2. What is your native language? 3. How long have you lived here? 4, What religion do you practice? 5. Do you belong to a club or social organization? 6. Which rel ( Full Answer )

What are the questions employers like to ask during a job interview?

Depends on the employer and the job you are seeking for. Usually, the employer makes questions to know if you are qualified to the position offered by the enterprise. The more you match to the post, the more are your chances. So, be sure that your skills are appropriate to the job you want. If you m ( Full Answer )

What questions may be asked in a preschool job interview?

The questions may include: . "Are you good with children?" . "Do you like children?" . "Do you know how to handle and care for children?" . "Do you have experience?" . "Do you have children?" . "Do you get along with children and parents?"