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What re the different type of water plants available?


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July 15, 2009 8:38PM

It's easy to understand water plants when they are broken into three categories. While these are not hard and fast groups, they are treated roughly the same in the water garden. All are available at garden centers that sell aquatic plants.

FLOATERS Water lettuce, duck fern and water hyacinth are all floaters. Their bodies sit on top while their roots drag through the water. When the roots hit soil they may anchor there and remain.

FLOWERS Iris, canna and water lilies are all flowering plants that live in the shallows. Their roots are in the muddy pond bottom or in containers set into the water garden.

REEDS Horsetail, acorus and papyrus are marginals that inhabit the edges of water bodies. Marginals have the unique ability to live on dry land or partially submerged because they are adapted to the natural seasonal fluctuation of water levels.