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What reason japan atack pearl harbor?

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We stopped trade and they wanted oil.... :(

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Japan chose to atack Pearl Harbour first because they felt like it!

atack of pearl harbor by japan your welcome 5th graders!

japan bombed pearl harbor

because japan was badly threatened

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, a Japanese admiral, planned the attack on pearl harbor and was in the atack.

it is 18 hour to get to japan to pearl harbor

Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii.

The Axis power which attacked Pearl Harbor was Japan.

Yes The Attack on Pearl Harbor was the reason that the USA went to war with Japan at the same time Germany declared war on the USA.

The Japanese attacked America by aerially assualting pearl harbor the reason is i believe Germany put pressure on japan forcing japan to attack pearl harbor

does japan own pearl harbor

Japan bombed pearl harbor on December 7, 1941

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941.

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Japan bombed pearl harbor for 2 hours

They gave no reasons. It was a declaration of war.

Pearl Harbor attack on Japan caused the Japanese internment

Because the suprise atack of the japanese on the American base of pearl harbor. This was the beginning for world war II for the united states of america.

No Japan bombed pearl harbor.

Japan dropped a bomb on pearl harbor because they wanted to.

no pearl harbor was part of America and pearl harbor was bombed by japan

japan attacked pearl harbor with bombs and different kinds of explosives japan used its aircrafts carriers to launch planes to bomb pearl harbor.

No they should not have bombed pearl harbor. They really didn't have any reason. I mean we did even bomb them till they bombed us..

There were thousands of people stationed at Pearl Harbor.

Yes. The reason Japan attacked was to cripple the Naval vessles who were located at Pearl Harbor.

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