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Q: What reasons do people give in staying in Galveston for choosing not to evacuate?
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What mean by navigation?

Navigation means: Choosing the route you want to follow and staying on it, beginning from where you are, and ending where you want to be.

What were the U.S.'s reasons for staying out of World War 1?

people die and it's very expensive!!

What reasons does john proctor give for staying away from church?

Because He does not think Mr. Parris is godly

What hotel are WWE wrestlers staying at during WrestleMania 25?

Sorry that information is not given out to the public for security reasons

How do you prepare for a flood?

Flood preparation solutions through the four stages of a hurricane pre-season stage- program with advance research; before the storm: staying alert; during the storm: staying inside/monitor/follow authorities; and after the storm: document aftermath. For any flood restoration services call ServiceMaster by PWF at (866) 599-0871, specializing when it comes to water and storm damages on your home or business when restoring it.

What are some of the causes of sleep eating?

Some causes of sleep eating are staying up too late into the night, starvation, or obesity. These reasons are the top 3 reasons for the causing of sleep eating.

What are some typical reasons that teens are 'grounded'?

Teens can get grounded for many reasons. Such as, lying, not doing homework, staying out past curfew, stealing, not going to school, doing badly at school and smoking.

What are the possible reasons a black barber shop might have had trouble staying in business in the 1890's?

Read the History book, or get out of the American School.

What Decision is wiesel faced while he is in the hospital?

In the book Night Wiesel is faced with the decision of staying behind or evacuating with the other prisoners when he is in the hospital. He chooses to evacuate as it is believed those that stay behind in the hospital will be shot.- Found online by googling it and source is

What does the colon do as a symbol?

There are five reasons for staying the course: I am desperate; I have moments of reassurance; I have no certainty of where else to go; I essentially agree with the teachings, and; Wherever I go, there I am.

Conference Management?

Conference Management manages and implements all aspects of a conference. These aspects include venue reservations, choosing key speakers, staying within budget and keeping track of attendee registration.

What were the U.S. reasons for staying out of World War I?

At first America saw it as a problem for Europe to handle on its own and did not think it would travel over the Atlantic Ocean

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