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your second nephew

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Q: What relation would your sisters husbands brothers daughters son be?
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Are your 2 daughters husbands brothers in law to each other?

Yes, because your daughters are sisters and since their husbands are your son in law's that would make them brother in laws.PS. I hope your daughters are veryhappy, congrats!! :) ,,Chameleon5,

Your daughter has as many brothers as sisters Each of her brothers has twice as any sisters as brothers How many sons and daughters do you have?

4 daughters, 3 sons.

What are nieces and nephews?

Nieces are the daughters of your brothers and sisters. Nephews are the sons of your brothers and sisters.

Sisters' in a sentence?

My brothers-in-law are my sisters' misters. I don't know which of the sisters' husbands he is.

What is your relationship to your brothers-in-law?

The brothers of your spouse are your brothers-in-law. Also, the husbands of your sisters are your brothers-in-law.

Is your sisters son any relation to your husbands sisters son?

Well, it depends how close you are to your husbands family. If you really want to know they are cousins-in-law.

Your daughter has many sisters she has as many sisters as she has brothers each of her brothers has twice as many sisters as brothers How many sons and Daughters do you have?

Well, since you did not put the number of sisters/daughters or brothers/sons, this question cannot be answered. Please rephrase the question with the numbers in it. Thanks!

What are great grandparents brothers and sisters in relation to you?

Your great grandparents brothers and sisters are your great uncles and great aunts.

What the relation called between the two women whose' husbands are brother?

They are sisters in law.

How many brothers and sisters are there in a family in which each boy has as many sisters as brothers but each of the girls has twice as many brothers as sisters?

4 daughters and 3 sons!!!!!!!!!!!

What was the relation between Demeter and Hera?

They are sisters; both daughters of Rhea and Cronus.

What relation is your sisters daughters children to you?

They would be great nieces or great nephews.

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