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ISLAM, led by the Ottoman Caliphate and the Safavid Empire, dominated the Middle East in 1500.

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2016-10-15 19:38:00
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Q: What religion dominated in the middle east in 1500?
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What religion dominated in the middle east?


During the middle ages What religion dominated the middle east?

Islam, during the time of the Ottoman Empire.

What religion dominated life in the Middle Ages?

The dominant religion in the Middle Ages depended on where you were. In most of Europe, it was Christianity, and in the Middle East and North Africa, for most of the Middle Ages, it was Islam. There were places where both were about equally important, such as Spain.

What is the main religion of the Middle East?

The main religion of the Middle East is Islam.

Oldest religion in the Middle East?

Judaism is the oldest religion from the Middle East.

What is the religion of Middle East?

the 3 major religion in the middle east is hindu,christianity,and judism

What is the primary religion of the middle east and India?

The primary religion of the Middle East is Islam; the primary religion of India is Hinduism.

What was The great empire that dominated the Middle East?


What is the distribution of main religions in the middle east?

The main religion distribution in Middle East is that Islam is the religion of majority there, then comes Christianity as the largest minority of Middle East and After that comes "Bahaism" as the 3rd largest religion of Middle East.

Where was judaism concentrated in 1500?

In Europe and the Middle East

What religion was not a popular religion in the twentieth century Middle East?

Buddhism has at least 20 percent of popularity in the middle east.

What religion do most people in the middle East follow?

The Middle East is predominately Islamic.

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