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What religion practice yoga?

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This practice was invented by they Buddhism religion.

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Yoga is not a religion. Any practice to know oneself and to be in harmony with the universal soul is known as Yoga.But, Yoga is known to have originated in India by the practitioners of Sanathana Dharma which is nowadays called Hinduism to represent India's ancient civilization and culture.Any one can practice Yoga if they have an inclination to be peaceful.

He does not define himself by any "religion", but uses yoga and other calming techniques to practice meditation.

Yoga is not a religion but a spiritual science of self-realization.

People in many countries practice yoga. It is not restricted anywhere

You can practice laughter yoga at home or somthing I don't really know!

One can practice yoga in their own home. Videos can be purchased to help guide you thought the different yoga techniques to ensure you are practicing yoga properly.

no. Yoga, to be sure, is more than an exercise, or even a philosophy of exercise. Yoga actually encompasses ways of living and developing one's potential as a human being. Anyone can practice yoga and receive benefits from it, on whatever level they want to approach it.

you normally practice it in a gym or a yoga place!

Yoga has nothing to do with any religious beliefs.

yes, certainly yoga is a Hindu practice. People following Hinduism followed yoga to achieve highest goal of life Nirvana (Liberation).

Followers of Hinduism practice yoga to attain better health & mental status. Also they practice yoga to attain Moksha (liberation) .

Just practice practice practice and you WILL become flexible.

according to classical yoga ,the right time to practice yoga is early morning before the sunrise.approximately before 6.30 am. but learning yoga can be done at anytime.practicing should be done in morning to find the difference in you

Yoga is a wonderful source of exercise. It is not advised to try to get fat by yoga. People who practice yoga find that they burn fat, not gain it.

Yoga is a physical, Mental and spiritual practice it is originated in ancient India

Early morning, one to two hours before sunrise is best time for yoga as preferred by yogis. Bowels must be passed before doing yoga. You may take bath before yoga practice. Be patient, it takes time to set to new routine. Otherwise there is no sacrosanct time for yoga. You can practice yoga anytime of the day. Only precaution is that your stomach must be empty at time of doing yoga. Meals should be taken 3 hours prior to yoga practice, but you can drink water if thirsty. Preferably fix a particular time of the day for yoga, it will help you to maintain regular yoga practice. All Yoga exercises should be performed on the hard floor, using a rug or mat for support. Ideal place for doing yoga is outdoors, if weather permits. For indoors practice, place for doing yoga should be spacious, well ventilated and without any disturbances. To get better results, earmark about 30 minutes to one hour daily for yoga practice.

No.. However Yoga is practiced widely in India,china and Tibet. Yoga has became part of regular life and religion in these regions hence it is not practised as a separate task.

Any religion that resorts to SPAMMING is not a true religion.

Hinduism practices both yoga as well as meditiaiton.

yoga is physical exercise of body. In Hinduism one practice yoga according to the instructions of teacher or guru.

No, yoga means "communion"--it can bring you closer to God.

Yes, you can practice yoga during menstruation just as you can any other point in your cycle.Many people like to practice yoga during menstruation as it can be more spiritual when you're more focused on yourself during menstruation, also gentle exercise or stretching in yoga can ease cramps.

They practice Islam religion.

It is there traditions of there religion.

yes, yoga is deeply rooted with Hinduism. Yoga began with the existence of saints in Hinduism as they sought for Moksha (liberation).

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