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What religion was allowed in the new England colony?


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The religion that was allowed in the New England Colonies was Christianity. The New England Colonies did not leave England because of religious persecution. New England was also named New England because they followed the traditions of England.

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Why was New England Colony Founded?new England was founded because people wanted freedom to have there own religion.

They were all British colonies and they both allowed slavery.

Certain men who were involved with the church that were allowed to vote.

Vermont is not a New England Colony, it is a Middle Colony.

Connecticut was a northern, or New England colony.

they valued fur for fur trade, and the valued free religion .

3: new England colony, middle colony, and southern colony

There were a number of religions that the New York colony had. However, Protestantism was the main religion in this colony.

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

New EnglandIt was a New England colony. The New England colonies were the colonies that were in the north.

Georgia ...Georgia is not a New England Colony.

New England was a charter colony. Maine was a royal colony.

They were a religion that was discriminated against by the crown. With the Reformation the religions other than the Church of England were not allowed to practice their religion.

The predominant religion in the New York colony was Protestant Christianity.

The Puritans left England so they could practice their religion freely. andddddddddd its not true -Lena

Who were the key members in the new England colonies colony? what did they do?

Rhode Island was the New England colony most tolerant of differing religious beliefs. It was founded by Roger Williams, who had been expelled by the Puritans from Massachusetts colony due to Williams' belief in freedom of religion.

New England was more than one colony but the main colony of Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded by the Puritains

The New York colony religion was Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews, and others

Prior to the Revolution, most immigrants to New England were English Protestants who were not allowed to practice their (non-Anglican) version of religion.

religion is rhode island during the establishment of the 13 colonies

There was freedom of religion there.

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