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What religions are there in Germany?

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A wide range of religions are practiced in Germany. A majority of Germans has, for over a millennium, practiced some form of Christianity. Currently, about 75% of Germany's population is Christian. Germany was the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation, and about 60% of German Christians are Protestant. The largest denomination of which is the Evangelical Church in Germany, with over 25 million adherents. There are also many German Catholics (about 30% of all Christians), especially in the southern states closer to Italy, as well as sizable Orthodox and Mormon minorities.

After Christianity, the most-practiced religion in Germany is Islam, whose following has grown rapidly in recent years due to Immigration and a policy of multiculturalism. Just under 5% of Germany's total population is Muslim, a large majority of whom are Sunnis.

Germany has also had a historically significant Jewish population, which numbered about 500,000 in the years before World War II. Most German Jews emigrated due to discriminatory Nazi policies, however, and almost 200,000 died in the Holocaust. In the decades since, however, the German government has encouraged Eastern European Jews to migrate to Germany, and the country now has the world's fastest-growing Jewish population (though Jews are still a small minority at about 0.25% of the population).

In addition to these, Germany has smaller populations of Buddhists, Hindus, Bahá'ís, Sikhs and others, as well as one of the world's largest proportions of secular citizens.

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What are the religions in germany?

The main religions in Germany are Christianity, Judaism, Romani, & in more recent times, Islam.

What religions are in Germany?

Christians and Catholics

What are all of the religions studied in Germany?

Germany did not accept religions the answer up there is incorrect. there's christianity,which was roman catholic and protestant, islam, muslim, buddhism, and judaism.

What religions do they have in germay?

Since the German constitution guarantees religious freedom, all kinds of religions are practiced in Germany.

How many different religions are there in Germany?

too many to count.

What religions did Germany kill in World War 2?


What type of religion does Germany have?

Germany has many different religions i think the most common one is Lutheranism.

What was the impact of Hitler's rule on Germany?

sadness religions falling Hitler brought Germany out of a depression and improved there economy.

Major religion in Germany?

I think that the official religions of Germany are Christianity.. More specifically Roman Catholicism and Lutheranism

What are Germany's main religions?

Roman Catholicism is the largest religion in Germany

What religions are most common in Germany?

cathloic and also muslim culture :)

What religions does Germany have?

The majority of Germans will practice Christianity as their choice religion. Some Germans will however practice agnostic or Buddhist religions.

What religion is practiced in Germany?

ALL religions. But if you mean mostly, then probably Christian.

What are the main religions of Germany?

The German religion is Christianity , both protestant and catholics.

What religions are important in Germany?

In the south of Germany especially in Bavaria, Roman Catholic is the main religion. In the north, generally people are Lutheran.

Which ethnicities religions and languages can be found in Germany?

The minorities of Germany include: Turks, Serbians, Croatians, Frisians, and Romani. The major religion of Germany is Christianity. Muslims also make up a significant portion of the religious followers in Germany.

How many religions does Germany have?

I would say every religion except a few obscure ones, like peyote cults and the church of the subgenius, have representation in Germany

What religions or values do people believe in Germany?

Germany has mostly a Christian population, both protestant and Roman Catholic. However, it also has a substantial Muslim minority

Why was Germany spilt into four sectors after World War 2?

it was because it was based on 4 diffrent religions

Are people in Germany Jews?

Of course there are Jews in Germany, but under no seecomstance is there or has there ever been only Jews. Many different people have different religions every where you go.

Was Europe a pagan country?

No. Europe is not a country, it is a continent. And yes, some parts of Germany and France had pagan religions.

What was the religion of Germany during World War 1?

The religions in Germany in World War I were the same as now. About one third Catholic, one third Lutheran and one third other.

What were some results of the protestant reformation?

the catholic church accepted dominance of the new protestant religions in Italy,Germany, and France

What are the official religions in Germany?

There is no official state religion, although the government collects taxes for the major Christian religions -- Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Muslims constitute a growing minority mainly because of immigration from Turkey.

What is the official religion of Germany?

The official religion of Germany is Christianity. 65 to 70 percent of the German population practices Christianity. Some other popular religions include Lutheran-Protestantism, and Roman Catholicism.

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