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Your western Field model 766 was made for Montgomery Wards by the firm Mossberg and Sons.The Mossberg model 810B is the same rifle as the one you own.

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western field is/was a mossberg company

Mr. Bean makes western field marked wesern field 410.

The model number of your Wards Western Field.

Several companies made shotguns and rifles for Montgomery Wards, marking them with the Western Field brand. Maker depends on the model. Find the model number, then go to Scroll down to the cross reference tab, and find your make/model IF it is listed.

I have a pre-1977 Western Field 12 Gage Wooden stock and Forearm in very good condition that I will sell for $50. This shotgun is totally compatible with the Moss If interested I can send pictures. I will accept Paypal. My email is

Montgomery Wards made the Western Field tents.

Looking for a owners manual on a western field 22 rivle.

Western Field model m5500 20 ga was manufactured by Savage Arms

Your Western Field model 768 was made by mossberg for the Mongomery Wards company(Western Field).The mossberg model 800A is the same rifle as yours.

Please relist your question.I am confused if you are asking about a model 270 Western Field,or are you asking about a rifle chambered in 270Win.caliber.Also list the model number of the western field you are asking about.

Western Field 25XNH-472 was made by Noble. A model 50 Western Field 25XNH-472 is a Noble model 50

A variety of manufacturers made guns that were sold under the Western-Field label or brand.

how old is a western field 12 gage shotgun browning patend 38535

Where can I buy a magazine for a western field M149 bolt action

The western field (montgomery wards) model 72C was made by mossberg arms company.The mossberg model 472 is the same as a western field model 72C.

Montgomery Ward and company made my Western Field model sb-100b.

i have a wards western field m #30 - sbv5662a

Your western field model 72 was made by noble for Montgomery Wards.The noble model 50 is the western field model 72.The firearms are valued at between 60-140 dollars.

Are you sure of the Model Number? My cross-reference shows no Model 12. Western Field 18 Mossberg 75Western Field 20 Mossberg 9RWestern Field 215A Mossberg 85Skips right over a 21. DC

The Western Field 47 is a Mossberg model 45A and was manufactured in 1937 and 1938 only.

The Western Field model 550C was manufactured by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards.

Your western field model m550a was made by mossberg.There model number is the mossberg model 500.

need value of western field model 880a-ech 22 long rifle

The western field model 15A was made by mossberg.There model designator was the mossberg model 83.

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