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What rifles were used in World War 1?


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Great Britain

  • Lee Enfield (various versions)
  • Pattern 14 Enfield Rifle

United States

  • Springfield 1903
  • M1917 Enfield


  • Mauser Model 98


  • M1905 Ross Rifle


  • Mle1896 Lebel


  • M1891 Mosin Infantry rifle
  • M1891 Mosin Dragoon rifle
  • M1907 Mosin Carbine


  • M1888 Mannlicher
  • M1895 Steyr-Mannlicher
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All nations that were engaged in combat used rifles.

Many different kinds of guns were used during World War I. Specifically, machine guns, submachine guns, Mauser rifles, and Lee-Enfield rifles were used.

Yes. U.S. used 1903 Springfield with Warner-Swasey scope. Germany used many scoped commercial rifles as well as military rifles.

Standard infantry rifles did not, but there were scoped rifles used for sniping during WWI.

Assault rifles made their appearance during WW2. However, the british used a machine gun in world war 1 called the Bren that was quite like an assault rifle of the day.

The main weapons used for world war 1 happen to be the muskets, poisonous gas, airplanes, and sniper rifles

Atomic bombs, missiles, choppers, jet aircraft, and assault rifles

world war 1 1910. world war 1 1910.

they were my friends rlc and rifles and ctb

I'm thinking it was primarily the .303 Lee Enfield, but I may be wrong....

This is a very general question. If refering to World War 1, then machine guns and bolt action rifles.

pretty much all of them. for example, the Somme

The weapons that were used in World War 1 were rifles, machine guns, revolvers, rockets, zeppelins, tanks, planes, artillery, many kinds of warships, gases, and torpedoes.

By killing thousands of men and modernizing the war

mustard gas, several different types of rifles, also aiplanes and submarines

none, all the combatants of WW1 had already completely switched to smokeless powders.

They used rifles and very outdated weapons like shells, and guns.There were many different snipers to...

During World War 1 the sniper rifles were mostly the standard issue rifle that had a telescopic sight or Scope installed. The three main standard issue rifles that were used and modified for sniper detail were: the British Lee Enfield, The German Gewehr 98, and the American 1903 Springfield.

Tanks, aeroplanes and bolt-action rifles.

pistols machine guns and rifles

The Lee Enfield .303 bolt-action rifle

Machine gun, airplane, rifles, swords/knives, submarines, bullets, chains, barbed wire, tanks

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