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It depends on what you are after. What rights are you looking for? Probably few if any, the legal age of majority in Pennsylvania is 21, therefore court ordered child support will remain in effect until that time, or until the minor is emancipated either by marrying, enlisting in the military. In some cases the court will consider amending a support order before the age of majority is reached, if the child is not in a program of continuing education and/or is employed and living independently from the custodial parent.

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Q: What rights does a father have in Pennsylvania to a child of legal age that he pays child support for and the child is in the 11th grade of high school?
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Who pays support if the father is unemployed and in school?

The non custodial parent pays child support. If the father has custody of the child then the mother pays child support and vice versa. If the father is the non custodial parent and is in school he is still obligated to pay child support whether he is unemployed or not. The only thing that can relinquish a support order is if the parent is incarcerated and not receiving an income, if you sign over your rights ( which in some cases you might still be obligated to pay ) or if you die.

Does father have to pay arrears in child support up to termination of rights date to grandparents that are adopting grandchild?

It depends on what the courts decide as to the law. However in terms of what is right, the father should continue to pay child support until the children are 18 or out of high school.

Do you have to pay child support if the mother excludes your rights?

First, without a court order, the mother cannot prohibit the father from seeing the child. If he has not voluntarily given up his rights to the child, and a judge has not created a custody schedule, the father has as much right to see the child as the mother.Second, if the father does voluntarily give up his parenting rights, or a judge does involuntarily remove his parenting rights (or awards full custody to the mother), the father would still owe child support until his child reaches the age of majority and has graduated high school.

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Does a father still have to pay child support if the child has moved in with the father and is attending school?

I wouldn't think so let child support no he is living with you

What age does support payments stop in Pennsylvania is it when they turn 18 or graduate school.?

Whichever is later.

Does a dad have to pay child support if he the dad is still in high school?

If you are a father, you have to pay child support if the court says so. The age of the father does not matter.

In Pennsylvania does child support stop when child turns 18?

Age 18 or graduates from high school.

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If the father has the child and puts the child in school is that concidered kidnapping?

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In Pennsylvania Does child support stop if your child graduated high school and is 18 in pa?

Regardless of whether or not your child graduates high school in PA, once he/she reaches the age of 18, child support is absolved.

Can a man give up rights to a child without the mother's consent?

Some states will allow a biological parent to relinquish parental rights in situations other than adoption proceedings. However, relinquishment of parental rights WILL NOT release the petitioning parent from financial support unless the child is officially adopted. Financial support in most cases includes adequate medical coverage as well as the ordered support amount, until the child reaches the age of majority or the age stipulated in the support order. In some cases a support order can be modified to change the minimum support age, this usually pertains to a disabled child, or one who is still attending high school.

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If a child graduates high school at 17 year old does support stop in Pennsylvania.?

Age 18 see link below

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