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Pull over and park when it is safe to do so. Turn engine off. If you are not a mechanic call for help. Otherwise open the hood, wait a couple minutes, pull engine oil dipstick. Take notice of engine oil level reading on dipstick. If the dipstick reading shows nothing, do not drive any further until you can add oil. If the dipstick shows you have oil, you may want to have your car towed home. If you continue to drive the vehicle with the low oil pressure light on you may destroy the engine.

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Q: What roadside tests could be done if the low oil pressure warning light comes on when driving?
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Is it safe to continue driving when the ignition warning light comes on on a Ford Capri?

The term "warning light" tells you that you need to check something out.

What do the warning lights on a Massey Ferguson 231S mean?

generally speaking the warning light is to catch y0ur attention if you are not looking at the gauges. check the symbol on the warning light and check the corresponding gauge. as they work together, for example if the oil warning light comes on that means the oil pressure is dangerously low and the oil pressure gauge will register little or no oil pressure also.

Does a 1996 Ford Aspire have a low oil cut off?

No , just an engine oil pressure warning light that comes on if the oil pressure is too low

How much fuel is left in the fuel tank after the fuel warning light comes on while driving a 2007 Endeavor?

About 15 miles.

When the oil pressure warning light comes on it means?

Oil pressure is low- check fluid level, if ok may have restriction somewhere or possible pump problem.

What does it mean when the oil pressure warning light comes on in a 1992 Honda Accord?

It means the oil pressure is low, which could mean oil has leaked out, which could wreck the engine.

Steering wheel warning light comes on?

The steering wheel warning light will come on in a vehicle when a problem has been detected within the steering system. This can include low power steering fluid or incorrect pressure.

What does the warning light to the left of the charging light the check oil is to the right on a 1990 Honda accord this comes on when driving and there is no info on this in the manual.?

did you look in the owner's manual??????????????????

What does a warning light that is shaped like an upside down horseshoe with an exclamation point in the middle indicate for an F150 truck?

It is your Tire Pressure Monitor that comes on when one or more tires are not inflated to the factory recommended pressure.

What does a horseshoe shape with an exclamation mean for a 2005 325i BMW?

That is your TPMS warning light which stands for "tire pressure monitoring system". It comes on to let you know that the air pressure is low in one or more of your tires.

If the oil pressure light comes on intermittent in a 1998 toy corolla with good oil level what is the problem?

You probably have a stuffed oil pump or possibly a crook oil pressure sender. when it comes to oil pressure always start of by thinking the worst stop driving until you KNOW what the problem is.

How do you fix the generator warning light?

the generator warning light - it indicates malfunction in charging system. The light should go off once the engines started, if it comes on while driving, the generator drive belt and the charging system needs checked.

How do you reset engine oil warning?

If you are referring to the oil light then you do not reset it. The oil light comes on when it detects low oil pressure. The light will go out when the problem is corrected. Can be the engine is low of oil, does not have sufficient pressure, or the oil pressure sending unit it bad.

If the Oil light comes on and an alarm sounds what is wrong?

If the oil light comes on and an alarm sounds, it is usually an issue of a low oil pressure warning. This could mean that oil is leaking from the vehicle or that the oil pump is not working.

What do you do when low oil pressure warning comes on in 1998 VW TDI Beetle and will not start?

Buy a new motor. The sensor might be bad, otherwise you have big problems.

What does the flashing amber exclamation mark warning light mean in a mini cooper?

In the mini cooper, the amber flashing exclamation mark comes on when the tires are low on pressure and the traction changes. Keep on checking the tire pressure to control that.

2002 cavalier Z24 just shuts off while im driving and will start again by itself or you will have to turn it over?

Have someone check your fuel pump pressure,if you lose fuel pressure while driving,and then it comes back that would explain why it seems to start by itself.

Why would the Exclamation sign with brackets around it light come on in a 2004 Toyota solara?

That's your low tire pressure warning. Quoting from page 135 of your owner's manual: The light warns that the tire inflation pressure of any one of the tires is critically low. If the light comes on while driving, adjust tire inflation pressure to the specified level. That recommended pressure (32 psi cold) is also in your owner's manual. To reset the light, press the button on the lower left portion of the dash (near your left knee). Hold the button and watch the (!) light flash several times. When it stops flashing the system is reset. Note, on the '04 the pressure warning system is 'not' connected to the spare tire so check that one periodically too. If the tire pressure warning comes on frequently it's a good indication you have a slow leak needing repair. Many tire stores will do that for free along with rotating your tires. Cheers

1998 Sienna LE without a manual and need to know what the light next to the ABS means?

It is a "Low tire pressure warning lamp." The reset button for it is on the left side below the dash and left of the steering column. The instructions in the owners manual is as follows. "This light warns that the tire pressure of any one of the tires is critically reduced. The light comes on when the ignition key is turned to the "ON" position. It goes off after about 3 seconds. This indicates that the low tire pressure warning system is functioning properly." "If the light comes on while driving, adjust the tire pressure to the specified level...[see pressure spec chart in the door jamb]. After the tire pressure is adjusted, the light should go off after driving at about 30km/h (19mph) for some time. If the light still remains, have the low tire pressure warning system checked at your Toyota dealer." You did not indicate any trouble with the light coming on, but because I will not be checking this website again, here is a brief insight just in case: This system uses speed sensors to measure the rotating speed of the tires while driving. Theoretically, they all should match. The tires DO NOT have pressure sensors inside them like some other cars do, so the actual pressure is not measured or known. But you may be surprised as to how sensitive it is. If you have mismatched tire sizes on the car, the light will come on. There is a way to calibrate it using the button on the dash once everything is fixed, but that is a lengthy explanation. Hope this helps...

What is frontal pressure?

It is a pressure which comes from the front

What does it mean when a little bit of blood comes out a few days before your period?

It's lIke a warning-warning warning period coming soon!

How can you test the low pressure warning signal in the air brake systems?

bleed your brakes so they are a low pressure and make sure the light comes on also make sure you fil your brakes up again afterwards or you might have some problems

What needs to be done when traction control system malfunction light comes on?

The traction control system malfunction light is a warning light that indicates the tires are losing traction on the road. If driving in adverse weather when the light comes on slowing down will make it go out.

What are some driver membership plans that offer roadside assistance?

I use This one MCA motor m/mrchim75

Dashboard warning light on Chrysler neon?

chrysler neon dashboard oil warning light comes on when car has warmed up and ticking over at 750 rpm,revs above that warning light goes off.engine oil ok.what is the cause.thankyouIt can be a defective oil pressure sending unit or bad oil filter. Replace the oil pressure sending unit and the oil filter. If that does not solve the problem seek professional help immediately.