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Benito Mussolini was the leader of Socialist Italy, which was an not an Ally to Nazi Germany until Germany scared them into it.

The Italian military was beautifully dressed and had wonderfull parades, but were terrible soldiers, and gave up in the hundreds of thousands when faced by a modern enemey force. They folded up like a cheap suit, and the Germans never trusted them to hold any position for more than an hour. The only time the Italians fought well was when they had Germans behind them, pointing their guns at them.

Mussolini was a minor player in the actual conflict of WWII, but is probably best known as the one Axis leader who tried to start the war.


He Helped The Soilders get employment adn helped all the poor workers to gain powers against the allies. because the allies lied about giving them there share piece of land


Mussolini was the dictator of Italy until 1943.

He was bellicose in trying to expand Italy's world presence. Before the official beginning of WWII in Sept 1939 he had already sent forces to capture Albania and Ethiopia. Lacking the strength of Germany, he decided to tag along with German victories, thus involving Italy in wars with France, Britain and Greece in 1940 and 41.

His several initiatives were without exception, disasters. His armed forces were inadequate for the various tasks put before them. The Italian economy was weak and inefficient from the start. Italy had basically withdrawn from active military involvement when in 1943 there was a popular uprising against Mussolini.

German leaders had wisely predicted such a turn of events and moved quickly, expertly and efficiently to disarm the Italian armed forces before they could be used by the new Italian government to attack Germany. In one of the most brilliant commando attacks of the war German units even raided the complex where Mussolini was being help captive and freed him.

Mussolini thus became a mere figurehead for the remainder of the war, having neither a military nor any political power. Near the end of the war in 1945 he was captured again by Italian partisans who murdered him and his mistress and then strung their mutilated bodies upside down in a north Italian town plaza.

The Mussolini name lives on in Italy and members of his extended family are still active in politics today.


He made Facism and led Italy into the Axis powersHe took complete control by initiating state. He con trolled the press and every aspects of peoples' lives.

Mussolini in WW2

Benito Mussolini was the leader of fascist Italy. He played an important role in World War 2. See the link to the right for information on him.


He paid a little role he had alliance with Germany. The Italy was raging war against Britain in North African and they were not winning and the reason the Germans sent troops to North Africa because Italy was losing. The battle of France was started and Italy attacked southern France after the French army was in retreat. Italy had submarines that helped a little bit to destroy merchant shipping. There nearly was almost gone by the end of 1943. So in conclusion they had a very small effect.

Got owned by the Allies and din't help all too much. In fact, historians speculate that if Germany hadn't had to have delayed their advance into Russia to help out the Italians, they would have reached and taken Moscow before winter, therefore not freezing their arses off and dying. Thius would have really turned the tables in the war and maybe i'd be writing this all in German right now.
Mussolini was sort of a supporting character in WW 2. He doesn't accomplish many feats except for taking over a colony in Africa (which was Ethiopia, as vengence for their loss during an earlier time period when Italy tried to colonize them but failed miserably) and supporting the Germans in Africa. His leadership leads to the downfall of fascist Italy and he tries to escape by disguising himself as a soldier. He is shot/executed and he is hung on public display.
He was the leader of Italy
He was the dictator of Italy, and helped the Axis Powers throughout the World War II.
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Q: What role did Benito Mussolini play in World War 2?
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What role did Benito Mussolini play in WW1?

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Who was Benito Mussolini and what role did he played in World War 2?

He was the fascist leader of Italy

What role did Benito Mussolini play in the Munich Conference?

Answer Benito Mussolini played a major role in the conference held between Britian, France, Germany and Italy to settle the issue of Czechslovakia. He was the only member who could speak all languages and he acted as translator and negiotator. After the Conference, the public press praised Mussolini as an international peace maker.

What role did Benito Mussolini play in ww2?

He was a large role in World War Two. He was the Dictator of Italy in the war and Italy was part of the Axis Powers. He eventually got over thrown by the Citizens and then Italy joined the Allies.

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What role did Bemito Mussolini play in World War 2?

Benito Mussolini had taken over as dictator of Italy in 1922. He lead the country into war against countries in North Africa which lead to the Germans sending troops in their support to fight the British in 1941. Mussolini was forced to resign in July 1943 and the Italians surrendered. However, the Germans 'rescued' Mussolini and placed him as a puppet ruler over the Italian Fascists who sided with the Germans.

What was Benito mussilinis role?

Benito Mussolini was supposed to be the Prime minister of Italy but he really was their dictator and Oppressor. He led his country to fight the Allies. The Italians wanted him and the Nazis gone. They welcomed the Allies.

What was the role of Mussolini in world war 1?

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What was Benito Mussolini's role in World War 2?

He made Facism and led Italy into the Axis powers

Who was Benito Mussolini's role model?

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What was the role of Italy in World War 2?

After being dinied the land promised at the end of WWI, ITaly became mad at the Allies. Looking for a strong leader, they had Benito Mussolini (Italian dictator) run the government. When WWII broke out, Italy joined Germany and Japan so that if they won, they would get a share of Europe.

What role did propaganda play in Mussolini's rule?

In the long and violent rule of Benito Mussolini as "il duce" (or, the leader) of Italy in the early 20th century, propaganda played a very important role. Through newspapers and radio broadcasts, through public displays and building projects, and much more, Mussolini's administration enforced its will -- and its viewpoint -- upon Italians through systematic use of propaganda of all sorts.

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