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religionreligion played a major role in how government was run and shaped. Of course Greece had their own religion so they were bias in there laws to the beiefs noted in their religion.It also played a large part in moral action. Like the fact that sexual condust was a public things you shared with friends, and you often would "share partners".
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Q: What role did religion play in ancient Greek civilizations?
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What role did religious beliefs play in the politics of ancient civilizations?

in ancient civilizations, the religion of the time and culture played a very major role in everything, including politics.

What role did religion play in the civilizations of mesopotamia and Egypt?

it was how all the ancient people explained everything

What role did religion play in ancient greek civilzations?

Nothing there stupid

What role did ancient Crete play in the development of Greek culture?

it was one of the very first greek civilizations they were the first ever group that was considered truly greek

What did ancient greek children play with?

In Ancient Greece they will play with children and hand games

What roles did rivers play in ancient civilizations?

Transportation, Agriculture, and Food

What role did religion play in two civilizations India and Egypt?

Both civilizations were ruled by priests; major architecture was religious based.

What games did ancient greek children play?


Was there no intermission during an ancient Greek play?


What was a chorus in ancient greek theatre?

In ancient Greece, the chorus was the song in the play, where the people would sing at the end of the play.

What are facts about the ancient Greek Olympics?

they play naked

What is an ancient Greek play?

The Eumenides, written by Aeschylus.

How do you play mythology?

you can be a Greek god or goddess from ancient Greece and you can play it outside with your friends

Did ancient greek children have play time at school?


What did Greek children do for fun?

For fun, ancient Greek children would play games and play with toys. The games they would play would be hockey or juggling with balls.

What games did ancient greek kids play?

ancient Greek children used to play many games like= knuckle bones, day and night, delta and olympics. they used to play board games too especially dice games

What role did Muslims play in the scientific revolution?

their translation of ancient Greek writings preserved ancient knowledge

What was the chorus in an Ancient Greek play?

The chorus in an Ancient Greek play always offers a variety of background and summary information. This is to help the audience follow the play. In most of the plays the chorus tells the audience what the star of the play couldnÕt say like their fears or a secret.

How did religion and learning play important roles in ancient Egypt civilization?

Religion was a ordained by the current pharaoh and was incorporated in every aspect of life. There is no ancient egyptian word for religion. Education was for the wealthy and privileged.

How many actors would there have been in an ancient Greek play?


What toys did ancient greek children play with?

they played with yo-yo

What games did ancient greek teenagers play?

kill everyone you know

What kind of instruments did ancient greek play?

Aulus, Percussion, Flute.

What role did mythology play in Greek culture?

It was their religion, so it was very important to them.

How many greek actors were in the acting company?

there were usually 3-4 actors in a play in the ancient greek times

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