What role did sufism play in the Turkish sultanate?

The Sufis g enerally have nothing to do wth Kings or Rulers. They mostly remain away from rulers. Anyhow, if a Ruler seeks their guidance, they advise him to be just and kind to his subjects. The Turkish Sultans respected the Sufis. Following are some of the teachings of Sufis.

Sufism not something different from Islam. In fact, it is putting the teachings of Islam into practice with extreme devotion. The Sufis teach to be kind, helpful and charitable to all human beings irrespective of their caste, creed, color, religion, country etc. They don't hurt the feelings of human beings even if they are sinners. The sinners may repent anytime and become better Muslims and better humans than those who consider them inferior or sinful. All human beings are the off-spring of a single couple - Hazrat Adam (as) and Hazrat Hawa (as). Allah Almighty has created all and He loves all His creatures. Nobody has the right to insult, maltreat or murder anybody. The Sufis welcome anybody who wants to sit in their company. They don't hate any person. They teach to practice tolerance and love. They follow the teachings of Islam in letter and spirit.